YTL International YTL23101 10-Ton Manually Operated Log Splitter

YTL International YTL23101 10-Ton Manually Operated Log Splitter is another popular log splitter in the current market. The features it has provided so far are quite amazing. This machine is preferred by the customers most who are industrious. This one is also familiar as manual log splitter. It is also called cheap log splitter as the price is lower. The customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 which is good enough. So this particular one can be a good option for the customer who is looking for a portable, cheap and smart log splitter. This machine is suitable for residential or family purpose use.

Basic product description

This particular log splitter is totally manually operated. It requires no fuels like gasoline or electricity to operate. The model number is YLT23101 and weight is only 90 pounds. The product dimension is 44.4 x 10.2 x 11.8 inches which is good. It can be used to cut both the dry and wet woods. 2 steel handles are given with the machine so that you can split the wood easily. You can use it to cut the log up to 18 inches long. Ram stroke is 8-5/16 inches which is smart. Two wheels are also added for easy movement. It can be used to operate horizontal position only.


Main features

This particular manually operated log splitter has some top features. I believe you will love those features if you are diligent. Let’s have a quick look at those features in below_

Easy to operate

As an easy log splitter it is very popular to the customers. You know this particular model is manually operated but not difficult to operate at all. There is a wrong thinking that the machine may very hard to run. I can tell you that it is very easy to operate. Just push the two handles one after another with little forces. The machine doesn’t require heavy physical strength at all.

Fully portable

Nowadays everyone wants a log splitter that has a portable feature. This particular one is quite portable I must say. As the weight is only 90 pounds, it can be moved anywhere. Solid 2 wheels are given for easy portability. Moreover, two handles are also added to the machine. So you don’t feel any problem related to movement.

Decent performance

This particular machine is very effective in case of performance. This one will provide you 10-ton splitting force which is not bad. You can cut both the green and hard log easily. So you can expect some powerful splitting experience. You can cut plenty of woods within a short time for sure.

Affordable price

Price is a big factor I believe. The maximum customer wants the machine with reasonable price. But it must have expected or desired features. I think this particular model carries lower price comparing the features. It will give you the best return on the price. If you compare the features with other product, you may feel the difference. It is also know as affordable log splitter.

Quite efficient

This particular one is very efficient I must say. It can be used to cut both the hard and dry woods. It can be also used to cut the log up to 18 inches long. The 10-ton splitting force will make sure smooth and fast performance.

Save money

This particular one is operated manually only. So as a user you don’t need to purchase fuels at all where other log splitters require gas or electricity to run. You can simply operate with your hand power. So it will save your valuable money. This machine is also required less servicing or maintenance cost.

Sufficient warranty

Warranty is an important factor for any product. The customers are normally expecting better warranty periods. This particular model will give you 2 years of full official warranties. I believe these warranty periods are quite enough for the users. As far as I know, YTL international has been providing decent services after sales.

Special features

YLT international 10-ton manually operated log splitter has some pros or unique features. Let’s have a quick look at those in below_

  • 10-ton splitting force
  • Auto adjustable wedge
  • Awesome used friendly design
  • Fully portable with 2 wheels
  • Affordable price with the best warranty
  • Lower maintenance cost.

Cons with the solution

This particular manual log splitter has some limitations as well. Let’s mention some limitations with probable solutions in below_

1. Wheels are too small.

Solution: we know wheels always play a vital role in case of move or transfer. Wheels should be moderate in size. But in this case, wheels size is not big enough. But still, you will face no problem when moving it because of low weight. So this point is not so important for the users.

2. Inappropriate for heavy duty operation.

Solution: This particular model is small in size and price is also cheaper. Though 10-ton splitting force is not bad in case of splitting. But still, you can’t expect heavy duty performance at all. Yes, this one is suitable for family or moderate use but not so in case of commercial use.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is it possible to operate it by a child?
A: No, it requires lower physical strength.
Q: How much log splitting capacity (length) it has?
A: You can split up to 18 inches long wood.
Q: Is it suitable for business purpose?
A: No, it is suitable for residential purpose only.
Q: Are multiple colors available here?
A: No, you can get one color.
Q: How much is the warranty periods?
A: You will get 2 years full official warranty.

Final thought

After all the discussion, I can tell you that YTL International YTL23101 10-Ton Manually Operated Log Splitter is one of the most demandable log splitters in the current market. It is also known as cheap log splitter. The features are quite awesome comparing the price. As the customer rating is high you can choose it without any hesitation. Moreover, the customer feedback is also up to the mark. So if you are looking for a smart, cheap and manually operated log splitter with a limited budget, it can be an ideal option.

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