YARDMAX versatile durable 25-Ton Full Beam heavy-duty Gas Log Splitter

Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam heavy-duty gas log splitter is one of the best log splitters in the current market. As a brand, Yardmax is also popular to the customer. Yardmax is providing various smart log splitters to the customer. Among them, this one is quite popular in the market. It is providing log splitter with awesome features like user-friendly U-beam design, powerful engine, versatile splitting, smooth performance, sufficient warranty etc. 

The customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 which is amazing. The customer reviews and feedback are also good enough. This smart log splitter is suitable for commercial or business purposes. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. It is more than capable of doing heavy-duty splitting work over the time. So this heavy-duty log splitter can be a great option for you.

Product description

Before purchasing a product, you need to know the basic product description. Let me mention some important product description at a glance below_

Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam heavy-duty gas log splitter is another powerful log splitter in the market. It comes with 25-ton splitting force. The color is available orange-red only. The product height is 37.0 inches and length is 99.5 inches. The items weight is 517 pounds which is heavy.


The overall product dimension is 99.5*37*48 inches. It can be operated with gas power only. A 208cc powerful Briggs & Stratton engine is used in this 25-ton model which can deliver 6.5 horsepower (HP). 4-way wedges are used here for fast operation. There is also included U beam structural design for better output. The hydraulic capacity is 4.2 gallon here which is fine. Pump size is 14 GPM which is cool. The maximum log capacity here is 26 inches which are sufficient as well. It is also offering a decent warranty with the product.

Main features

Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam heavy-duty gas log splitter has some main features which are attractive to the customer. Basically, this one is suitable for heavy-duty operation only. I think you will be benefited to know those features. If you are thinking about a heavy-duty log splitter for commercial purpose, then it can be quite informative for you. Let me describe those below_

Easy to operate

This particular gas log splitter is easy to run. It is compact, rugged and easy to assemble. It is also easy to shift horizontal to vertical and vertical to horizontal position. You don’t need to have pre-experience or knowledge about it. You don’t need any professional training as well. You can learn it easily like watching YouTube videos. Moreover, this user-friendly design will also help you to perform your work simply. A log spinner footplate is added with it that will rotate your logs easily for splitting. It will reduce stress on the beam.

Fully Portable

This device is more than portable I must say. Today maximum people want a portable log splitter. It is 517 pounds which is heavier. As this type of log splitter is heavy, you must choose a model which is easier to move. Sometime you may need to move your wood splitter from one place to another. Such as while you shift your house or when you have to work outside of your house. You also can use this machine for commercial purpose. This model is given two 4.80*8 inches D.O.T rated reliable tires so that you can move this machine effortlessly and quickly.

Fast operation

This machine is quite fast in case of splitting as well. You can split a huge quantity of log within a short time because of its fast operation. This device is included in two pieces of wedge such as 2 ways and 4 ways. With 2 way wedge, you can cut big size wood into 2 pieces. Similarly 4-way wedges, it can be used to cut a log into 4 pieces. It will increase your machine productivity a lot. Moreover, its cycle time is only 12 seconds that is really quick. Fast auto-return valve also saves your valuable time. Duel log cradles are added here. You can load wood from either side of the splitter like horizontal and vertical positions. 


As this machine is operated with gas only, you can expect powerful performances here. Though gas-powered log splitters require higher operating costs, it will provide you a smooth performance. If you are searching for a heavy-duty and powerful log splitter, then you must choice gas-powered log splitter. Because electric or manual log splitters do not give you powerful performance for sure. Moreover, an electric log splitter is applicable only where there is electricity available. And the manual log splitter is very slow and hard to split the log. 

Powerful engine

208cc Briggs & Stratton Engine is used in this heavy-duty log splitter. It will be capable of delivering 6.5(HP) horsepower. So you can expect some quick & fast operation process for sure. Because of a powerful engine, you can cut not only green wood but also dry wood effortlessly.

Splitting capability

This machine has a powerful splitting capacity. It can split the log quickly and smoothly. You can split the wood maximum 26 inches long that is perfect in this price range. This one is providing a full-beam splitting feature to the users which is better than a half beam. It also delivers the world-famous U-beam structural design which is better than typical I-beam design.

Versatile options

Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam heavy-duty gas log splitter has few versatile options for the customers. There are various models are available like 25-ton, 28-ton and 30-ton log splitter. Though other features may have similarities, in case of power it may vary. You can purchase specific model according to your demand criteria.

Better customer rating

You know the customer rating is a vital point for any product. In this case, it is more important because of large investment is attached here. The customer rating here is 4.5 out of 5 which is decent. The customer reviews and feedback is also up to the mark. You can check it out for sure. As maximum users have already satisfied to have this machine, you can expect the same.

Sufficient warranty

Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam heavy-duty gas log splitter will give you full 2 years of official warranty in engine and 1-year warranty on the hydraulics. It also gives commercial warranty for 90 days. In this segment, this warranty time is up to the mark as well. According to the Yardmax users, after sell service of this product is not bad at all.

Special features

Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam heavy-duty gas log splitter has some special features. You can call it as major advantages. You will be happy to know those features. Let me mention those at a glance below_

  • Easy to operate with full beam technology
  • U-beam structural design
  • Fully portable with two D.O.T rated tires
  • 208cc Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • Capable of both horizontal and vertical use
  • Better customer rating (4.5 out of 5)
  • Versatile option available
  • 2 years official warranty.
Yardmax_versatile_durable_25-ton_full-beam_heavy-duty_gas_log splitter

Cons with the solutions

We know that every product has some limitations. In this case, I have found a few cons here. Though those are not any major issue, I will share with you. Let us mention some limitation with the solution below_

1. Lengthy Shipping time !
Solution: The product shipping time is 1-2 week in general. There are some procedures of shipping, you know that. To complete all the final procedures it may take some time. If you order near from the distributor it may take under I week but if it is from far away from the company it may take a few days more. As it is a normal procedure, you have to consider this.

2. The delivery man may unable to reach at your door.
Solution: You know the product is more than 517 pounds which very heavy. It may be impossible to shift the product at your door sometimes. You have to face this problem in almost whenever you order a big or heavy weighed item. You have to consider it as a minor one. I think it is not a big problem. Isn’t it?

3. The product price is a bit higher.
Solution: There is a proverb_ “Quality products always carry the higher price”. In this case, Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam gas log splitter provides some exclusive and unique features. When you will compare this product with another product, you may find the reason. I think as the features are decent and unique compared to other product, you must pay a bit higher. Though the price has seemed a bit higher, it will be okay with the amazing features. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam heavy-duty gas log splitter is very popular to the customers. As a user, you have to know some important information about this heavy-duty log splitter. Let me mention some information in question and answer pattern below_

Question: Does it come with hydraulic fluid and motor oil?
Answer: Yes there is free hydraulic fluid with the machine. The first time, you can use it but after that, you have to purchase it. It also comes with motor oil. First motor oil is free for the users.

Question: What are the advantages of the full-beam than half beam?
Answer: There are some advantages of full beam log splitter than half beam one. First of all, the full beam is more powerful, longer and wider than half beam log splitter. It is also known as traditional log splitter to the customers. It also provides you with maximum tires speed 45 km/hour. In the case of half beam, it is only 35 km/hour. Last but not the lists_ In case of full beam log splitter, the customer rating is higher than half beam log splitter.

Question: How much time it will take to assemble the machine up?
Answer: It is very easy to set the machine up. The instruction will be given pretty details in the user-manual guide. If you work alone, it will take 45-60 minutes. For a couple of persons, it will take only 30 minutes.

Question: From where this log splitter made of?
Answer: This particular heavy-duty log splitter is made from China. The product quality is much better than expected. Though it is manufactured in China, selling and Support Company is US-based. Moreover, the Briggs engine is providing 2 years engine warranty which is better than the Honda engine to be honest.

Question: What about the official warranty?
Answer: Yardmax will provide you with 2 years of engine warranty and 1-year hydraulic warranty. You will get 90 days commercial warranty here. I think warranty periods are sufficient in this segment.

Question: Is it required higher fuel costs?
Answer: Actually operating or fuel costs vary machine to machine. The higher engine power will require better fuel costs. As this heavy-duty log splitter has higher engine capability and splitting force, it will take higher fuel as well. But I can assure you that this machine will provide you with maximum powerful performance. 


After all the discussion, I can tell you that Yardmax versatile durable 25-ton full-beam heavy-duty gas log splitter is one of the best log splitters in this segment. It is known as heavy-duty log splitter in the market. As a brand, Yardmax is very popular worldwide, especially in the USA. This one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor work with the portable feature. There are a few options this brand is providing like 25-ton, 28-ton, and 30-ton log splitter for the customers. The customer rating, feedback, reviews are also up to the mark to purchase. If your desired features are brand value, powerful engine, smooth performance, versatility, higher customer rating, sufficient warranty, and then it can be a perfect choice for you. If you are price-sensitive, then it may seem your expensive one. Otherwise, this gas-powered log splitter will be the best one for you. So if you are searching for a smart, powerful, durable heavy-duty log splitter, I will recommend this powerful log splitter to you for sure.

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