Wen lumberjack 6.5-ton electric log splitter with stand

Wen lumberjack 6.5-ton electric log splitter is another popular machine in the current market. As a brand wen has already established a suitable position in the consumer mind. Beautiful user-friendly design, attractive features, affordable price and smart warranty time makes this one highly acceptable to the consumer. As a smart log splitter, it is very well-known. It is also known as lumberjack log splitter.

The customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 which is simply awesome. It is also called as top-rated electric log splitter in the market. It is suitable for family or residential purpose use. It can be used both in the indoor and outdoor. So don’t worry at all in case of firewood for winter, this one can be the ultimate best solution for wood splitting activity. Keep your family warm with wen log splitter though out all winter seasons.


Basic product description

As this particular log splitter is operated with only electricity, it is called an electric log splitter. The model number is 56207 and the weight is only 98 pounds. The machine has 6.5-ton splitting force. The product dimension is 38.5 x 28.2 x 39.2 inches which are good. Powerful 15 amp motor is used that is capable of delivering 13000 pounds of wood cracking pressure. 34 inches smart stand is added that can be adjustable. It is fully portable with 5.5 inches never flat wheels. It can be used to cut the wood up to 20.5 inches long and 10 inches in diameter. Wedge size is 5 inches that can be very effective for operation. Cycle time is only 20 seconds that is not bad. With all those smart features, you will receive 2 years of official warranty. 

Main features

After reading the basic description, you may feel the interest to know the main features in details. This particular small log splitter has some awesome features, to be honest. Let’s have a quick look at those in below_

Attractive design

The design is an important factor for any machine. You will get a suitable user-friendly design with the machine. It will help you to perform the job with full comfort. If you compare this one with others in the case of design, it will be clear to you.

Powerful operation

15 amp 2.5 horsepower motor is used in this model that will provide you with powerful performance. Though it is known as a small log splitter, you can expect a smooth performance. It can be used to cut both the hard and green log. This machine will deliver you 13000 pounds of log cracking pressure. So you can cut plenty of logs for firing within no time. 

Simple to operate

This particular electric log splitter is very easy to operate. No need to have pre-experiences to run this one. Just a little bit of assembly and practices, you can operate it easily. No need to give physical strength here at all. Every person like male, female, even little guys can run it. That is why it is called an easy log splitter. We know easy operation increases productivity. 

Fully portable

As a portable log splitter, it is very popular in the market. 5.5 inches never-flat wheels are used in this model. You can move it anywhere you want. A smart handle is also added to it. It will help for easy transportation as well. Moreover, the weigh is lower, so it can be shifted anywhere without a problem. 

Free stand

Sometimes there is a back pain while splitting the log for longer periods of time. Some users don’t prefer the splitting job sitting. In that case, the log splitter can be the best solution. A smart 34 inches stand has given with the machine. So you can use it while splitting. You can also change the working position here. So it will defiantly increase your comfort level and ensure better productivity. 

Quite efficient

This particular electric log splitter is quite efficient in case of operation process. It can be used to cut the wood up to 20.5 inches long and 10 inches in dimension. Moreover, the auto-return cylinder naturally recalls after the split has been completed. It will defiantly save your time and energy between logs. You will also receive side –mounted support wings that prevent the log from falling away during operation.

Fully adjustable

This particular easy log splitter is fully adjustable. As a user, you can adjust the travel distance of 4-inches push plate by setting the ram-limiting adjustment ring. It will help you decrease cycle time. It is also known as horizontal log splitter. So at the end of the day, you can get a better result and maximum efficiency.

Affordable price

This particular smart log splitter is quite cheaper in case of the price. If you compare the features and price with others, you may notice the point. It will be the best budget electric log splitter in the current market. That is why it is called a cheap log splitter. So it will deliver you a great return on your money for sure. 

Enough warranty

Warranty is another vital factor for any product. I believe 2 years warranty is quite sufficient for this electric log splitter. In this range 2 years official warranty is expected to be honest. As customer feedback is up to the mark, you should not worry about warranty time. Just purchase and go for the job. 

Special features

There are some pros or special features in this small log splitter as well. Let’s have a quick look in below_

  • Easy to operate with user-friendly design
  • Fully portable with 5.5 inches never-flat wheels
  • Smooth performance with 15 amp motor
  • Gasoline, fume and noise-free operation
  • Free log splitter stand (34 stand)
  • Superior customer rating (4.6)
  • Cheaper price with enough warranty.

Cons with the solution

As a log splitter researcher, I have hardly found a serious negative side in this cheap log splitter. But yes it has silly limitation like others. Let’s have a look_

Inappropriate for professional purpose.

Solution: as a consumer, you should know it is not a professional log splitter. Yes, it has 6.5-ton splitting force but still, it is not enough for heavy-duty operation at all. If your targeted job is the industrial purpose, you should reject this one. It is suitable for family or residential purpose only.

Less suitable for remote areas.

Solution: this is a common problem for all the electric log splitter. If there is a scarcity of electricity in rural areas, this particular electric log splitter cannot be operated. In that case, portable inverter generator can be the possible solution.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is it difficult to operate?
A: Not really. It is very easy.
Q: How much is the wedge size?
A: It is 5 inches to be exact.
Q: Can I re-adjust the log splitter stand?
A: Yes. You can do it according to your demand.
Q: How much the cycle time?
A: It is 20 seconds to be exact.
Q: Can I split hard or dry wood with it?
A: Yes, you can but it is suitable for the green log.
Q: How much warranty time it has?
A: It has 2 years of official warranty time.

Final thought

After all the discussion, I can say that Wen lumberjack 6.5-ton electric log splitter is the best electric log splitter for the money. It is also known as affordable log splitter. Though it is suitable for the family purpose, it can be used for the small business purpose as well. It will be very effective for both indoor and outdoor use.

As the customer rating and feedback are up to the mark, you can choose this one. You can call it as best rated electric log splitter. As a low-cost log splitter, it can be the ultimate best option. So as a consumer, if you are searching for a smart, portable, electric, and cheap log splitter for light use, this particular electric log splitter can be the best option. Personally, I really prefer this one but the final decision is yours.

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