WEN 56206 6-Ton corded-electric Log Splitter reviews

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter is one of the most popular electric log splitters on the market. Recently it has grabbed the attention of the customer. As the log splitter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, customer like it very much. This particular wood splitter is suitable for residential or family use. It can be used for the small business purpose also. The customer rating is 3.8 out 5 which is not so bad. This electric wood splitter is also known as cheap log splitter in the market. If you are searching for an ideal log splitter for residential or family use, it might be a good option for sure.

Basic product description

This particular log splitter is operated with electrical power that is why it is called electric log splitter. WEN is the ultimate manufacturer of this log splitter. The model number is 56206 and item weight is only 100 pounds. Reliable 2 hp motor is used in this model that will provide you 6-ton of splitting force. It can be operated with normal household electricity. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purpose easily. 12000 pounds of force is given in this wood splitter which ensures you the smooth performance. 4.5 inches cracking wedge is added to this model that will help you to split the wood quickly and efficiently. It also provides you fume-free operation which is good. You can cut the wood up to 21 inches long and 10 inches wide effortlessly.


Main features

There are some awesome features in this log splitter. Let’s discuss some of the top features of this electric log splitter below_

Powerful motor

WEN has used 2 hp 15 amp powerful motor in this model that ensures 12000 pounds of log cracking force. It will ensure 6-ton splitting force which is good. You can expect some powerful and smooth splitting performance for sure. It can be used to split both the dry and wet logs.

Easy mobility

You may agree that mobility is an important factor for any log splitter. This particular electric log splitter is very easy to move. First of all, the weight is only 100 pounds which is helpful to move. Secondly, two rubber-grip handles are given with it so that you can move it anywhere. Thirdly, 6 inches never-flat wheels are given that will help you for easy transportation. So we can say that it is a fully portable electric log splitter.

Safety splitting

This electric log splitter is much safer for operating. The log splitter is designed in such a way that you have to involve two hands while operating. So it requires two hands for operating. Two-handed operation always keeps your hands safe from log splitter force. As a result, you will feel comfortable and safety splitting experience for sure.


This particular log splitter is very efficient in splitting. It will take less electricity while operating because you can run it with normal household electricity. You can cut the wood into 20.5 inches long and 10 inches in dimension. So it will save your valuable time.

Extra facilities

You will get some extra advantages while operating it. You will feel no problem with cold starts and gas shortages for sure. It will also provide you fume-free operation. Moreover, this machine is also less expensive than others. Just plug in with electricity and go for the job.

Decent warranty

I believe the warranty is an important factor in any product. As a brand, WEN is much more reliable because of smart warranty periods. It will provide you CSA approved 2 years of official warranty. I think this warranty period is quite sufficient for the users.

Special features

there are some unique advantages of this electric log splitter. Let’s mention those in below_

  • 2 hp powerful and reliable motor.
  • 12000 pounds of cracking force.
  • Safety splitting capacity.
  • Easy and smart mobility.
  • Less servicing cost required.
  • Sufficient warranty periods.

Some limitations with the solution

You have already read the main features and special features of the machine. This is true that it has some limitations as well. I will try to mention some limitations with the probable solution. Let’s discuss shortly in below_

1. Inapplicable for industrial use.

Solution: You know this log splitter is small in size and carry lower weight. It has only 6-ton of splitting force. Though it is good enough for residential use, it is not enough for commercial purpose. As price is also lower, it is suitable for residential use.

2. Less suitable for remote areas.

Solution: If your targeted locations are rural or remote areas, it may create some problems. The main problem will be the availability of electricity. we know, normally rural areas have less electricity than urban areas. In that case, you have to use portable inverter generator for instant electricity.

3. Inappropriate for heavy-duty operation.

Solution: 6-ton splitting force is good enough for residential use but not so in case of heavy duty operation. You cannot expect heavy-duty performance from this model. So if your demand is heavy duty operation, you may reject this one. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q : Can I use it with the vertical position?
A : No. it can be used only horizontally.
Q : Where is the splitter made of?
A : It is made in China with advanced technology.
Q : How long is the power cord?
A : It is more than 6 feet.
Q : Can I split 21 inches long wood?
A : Yes, you can.
Q : How much the warranty period is?
A : 2 years of official warranty.


As a brand, WEN is much more renowned in the market. The customer rating is also fine because it provides the quality product in the market. After all the discussion, I can easily say that this particular log splitter will be effective for the customers. One of my close relatives has already used this model last year. He has provided the positive feedback also. I think after evaluating WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter reviews, you may able to take a final decision. Finally, I want to add that if you are searching for an ideal log splitter, it can be the best option for you.

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