Wel-Bilt 10-Ton Horizontal Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter

Wel-Bilt 10-Ton horizontal manual hydraulic Log Splitter is very popular with the customers. As a manufacturer, Wel-bilt is providing various hydraulic log splitters in the market. Beautiful design, attractive features, and cheaper price have already grabbed the customer’s attention. The customer rating is 4.1 out of 5 which is not bad. The consumer can use it as a vertical log splitter. It is also known as cheap log splitter in the current market. It has been given 10-ton splitting force so you can expect powerful performance. It is suitable for family or residential purpose. So it can be a handy option for those who are searching for a portable, cheap and hydraulic log splitter.

Basic product description

This particular manual hydraulic log splitter is looking pretty good in sense of design. It is operated manually that is why it is called a manual log splitter. The machine is manufactured by Wel-bilt. Item model number is 67090. The machine weight is only 94 pounds which is pretty light. This wood splitter is given 10-ton splitting force that is quite powerful. The 2-speed pump is added here that will provide fast performance. It is capable of splitting both the dry and wet log. It can be used to split the wood up to 18 inches long. 2 steel handles are added for manual operation. Moreover, 2 wheels are also attached to the machine for better transportation. Wedge height is 5 inches that will give a sharp splitting performance.


Top features

The feature is an important part of a product. After reading the basic product description you may desire to know the main features of this machine. Let me mention those features in below_

Attractive design

First of all, I want to say about the beautiful design. If you will look at the log splitter closely, you may notice the nice body finishing. The machine structure is also amazing with a user-friendly feature. The body will be long-lasting as well because of 100% pure still. The sharpness of the machine and structure are quite awesome. Personally, I love this particular model.

Easy to operate

Easy operation is highly desired by the customer. Every customer wants a machine that is very easy to operate. In this case, it is very easy to run I must say. No real training or experience is needed to operate this one. It can be run by a user without any pre-experience. Two handles are given with the machine. Just push those handles with your both hand one after another and go for it. Though this one is operated manually only, no extreme hand power is needed. That is why it is called hand log splitter.

Smooth performance

Performance is very important for any machine. Performance can differentiate a machine from others. Though it is a small log splitter, it has been given 10-ton splitting force. The 2-speed pump will ensure the maximum power. It can be used to cut not only green log but also dry log. So as a consumer, you can expect powerful performance for sure.

Easily portable

Almost every customer wants a log splitter that is quite portable. You may agree that portability is an essential feature. This particular wood splitter is fully portable with two wheels. You can move it anywhere with it. Moreover, the weight is pretty lower 94 pounds to be exact. So you can carry it where ever you want. This one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. That is why it is known as a portable log splitter in the market.

Quite effective

As a hand log splitter has already grabbed the customer attention. You can use it to cut the wood up to 18 inches and 8 inches in dimension. The wedge length is 5 inches which is good. So you can expect better finishing while splitting. A log cradle is added so that the selected wood doesn’t fall in the ground. Moreover, it also helps you to have some physical exercise.

No operating cost

Nowadays who doesn’t want to save money? As a hand log splitter, it will save your valuable money. You know manual log splitter doesn’t need fuel like electricity or gasoline. You have to run it manually or without any fuel. So you can avoid operating cost here. Besides, servicing or maintenance cost is also lower.

Enough warranty

I think no need to explain the importance of warranty. Sometimes a warranty represents the actual quality of a product. In the case of this log splitter, it is very important because of a valuable product. Wel-bilt is providing full 2 years of official warranties that are expected. You can remain tension free in those years.

Available accessories

Accessories are also an important factor for a machine. After using a few years you may need some accessories. I can tell you that spare parts of this machine are fully available in the market. You can also have a click on Google and get the desired parts. So it will be too easy for you to get the necessary parts.

Special features

I have already described the top features of this smart log splitter above. It has some special features as well. Let me mention those special features in below_

  • check
    Suitable design with long-lasting body
  • check
    Not difficult to operate at all
  • check
    Fully portable with two wheels
  • check
    Affordable price
  • check
    Save operating cost
  • check
    2 years smart warranty

Cons with the solution

We know every product has a few limitations. In this case, there is no different. Let me inform you some limitations with a possible solution in below_

1. Wheels size is too small.

Solution: I have already noticed this point that wheels are bit small. I believe it could be bigger for sure. You may face little problem to move it quickly. Though it is not a major problem, the producer could add better wheels. The positive side is the weight. You can easily carry it because of low weight.

2. Less suitable for inactive users.

Solution: as I said earlier, this one is operated with manual or hand power. That’s why it is called a manual log splitter in the market. Though it is not difficult to operate, it requires little physical strength. The customers who are not industrious, this particular hydraulic log splitter is not for them. So be sure whether you are active or not. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Let’s mention some question and answer about this small log splitter in below_

Q: Is it possible to run the machine with one hand?
A: No, you have to involve two hands here.
Q: Is it applicable in commercial purpose?
A: No, it is suitable for the family purpose only.
Q: How much the log dimension?
A: 18 inches long and 8 inches wide.
Q: From where it is made of?
A: It is made in China with updated technology.
Q: How much is the warranty time?
A: 2 years of official warranty.

Final thought

After reading the whole log splitter reviews you may gather some ideas about the machine. Wel-Bilt 10-Ton horizontal manual hydraulic Log Splitter is another smart log splitter to the customer. I think it is one of the best manual log splitters in the current market. It is also called horizontal log splitter in the market. It is suitable for family or residential purpose. As a cheap log splitter, it has earned some good response from the customer. As the customer rating and feedback are not bad, you can trust this log splitter. It will be really effective for your splitting job. If are looking for a smart, cheap and portable wood splitter, it may a handy option for you.

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