TR Industrial TR89130 5-ton corded-electric log Splitter

TR international is one of the best log splitter brands in the current market. It has been providing awesome models, quality features, and sufficient warranty periods with affordable price to the customers. Among all the models, TR Industrial TR89130 5-ton corded-electric log Splitter is very popular with the customer. It is also known as portable log splitter in the market. Moreover, the customer rating is quite high as well. It is 4.8 out of 5 to be exact which is good enough to rely on. This particular electric log splitter is suitable for family or residential use.

Product description

This particular log splitter is operated with only electricity. That is why it is called electric log splitter. The model number is TR89130 and weigh is only 105 pounds. 15 AMP powerful motor is used in this model that has the capacity to produce 2 horsepower. The machine is capable of giving 5-ton of splitting force. 3 feet waist-high stand is added to this machine that will be helpful for comfortable splitting operation. It can be used in horizontal position only. The maximum wood size is 20.5 inches and 12 inches in dimension. The machine dimension is 37*11*23 to be exact without the stand. It can be used to split both the green and dry wood.


Main features

As product features are quite good, the customer rating and feedback are also up to the mark. I think this electric log splitter carry some unique and exclusive features. Let’s have a quick look at those features in below_

Unique design

This particular electric log splitter is much more unique in term of design. The design is quite good looking I must say. If you compare this one with others, you may feel the difference. The design is also user-friendly as well. That is why the customers love it very much.

Powerful performance

As it has used 15 AMP motor that is fully capable of providing 5-ton splitting forces. As a user, you can expect smooth and fast operation. The machine can be used to split both the green and dry wood easily. So you can expect powerful and long lasting performance for sure.

Easy to operate

This electric log splitter is not difficult at all to operate. The user-friendly design is also helpful for operation. Simply hold the power button and press the lever together. No need to touch the log during the operation. After splitting the wood it will return to its original position because of auto return valve. Moreover, it can be operated without any pre-experience. I believe you will face no problem to operate the machine. 

Quite portable

You may know that portable is an important feature for a log splitter. As a portable log splitter it has earned huge popularity to the users. Everyone wants a log splitter which has this portable feature. Now let’s come to the main point. This electric log splitter is only 105 pounds. So you can expect that it will be easy to move. It has also added 2 CSA approved dependable wheels that will help you to carry the machine in desired places. Moreover, it has a convenient handle which is quite necessary to grip the machine comfortably. 

Very effective

This particular electric log splitter is much more effective in case of operation process. This item is energy efficient because of latest technology has involved here. Moreover, you can split the woods up to 20.5 inches long and 12 inches in dimension. It also has included 3 feet tall stand that will make your job easier. It will also ensure full comfort while splitting. So it can be effective for you.


As a smart log splitter, it is quite effective for the users. This particular electric log splitter is quite dependable I must say. TR international is providing strong log splitter that will be long lasting for sure. The body has made with 100% pure steel. As a brand TR international is fully dependable to the customer. That is why customer rating is so high.

Safe operation

TR international has also ensured 100% safety operation process for the users. All the log splitter from this brand is CSA approved which is safe for the customers. You will feel no danger while operating the machine. Moreover, it will also provide you double insulated plug for more reliability. It will also save you from electric shock.

Decent warranty

I think no need to describe the importance of warranty. Maximum warranty periods are desired by the customers. TR international is providing you 2 years of manufacturer warranty. No need to feel worried about the machine during that period at all. 

Special features

  • Strong performance
  • Automatic and simple operation
  • Fully portable with 2 wheels
  • Safety splitting experience
  • Suitable for residential use
  • Smart warranty periods

Cons with the solutions

1. Price is higher.

Solution: Price is seemed to be higher to me as well. If you compare the price with 5-ton splitting force then it looks like higher. But if you compare the overall features with other brands, you may feel the difference. I think you have to overlook the price. As a researcher, I can tell you that it will be simply perfect for you. There is a proverb_ “quality product is always bit expensive.”

2. Less suitable for commercial use.

Solution: This one is familiar as small log splitter to the customers. For commercial use, you have to choose a model that carries high splitting capacity. It may be 22-ton, 25-ton or 30-ton etc. The machine is quite powerful but not 100% suitable for commercial use. So if you need a heavy-duty log splitter, it may be less suitable for you. 


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Does it carry auto return valve?
A: Yes it has auto return valve.
Q: Can I operate it with one hand?
A: No. you have to involve two hands for operation.
Q: What is the cycle time?
A: It is almost 14 seconds.
Q: How much the warranty periods?
A: 2 years of manufacturer warranty.
Q: Does it work in vertical position?
A: No, only horizontal way.


Considering all those things, I can tell you that TR Industrial TR89130 5-ton corded-electric log Splitter is the top rated log splitter in the current market. As customer rating is quite awesome, you can trust the product. I think it will be very effective for your splitting job. It is also known as smart log splitter in the market. After reading this electric log splitter reviews, you may able to take a purchasing decision. So if you are looking for a smart log splitter for the residential purpose, this model can be the best ultimate choice.

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