Sun Joe LJ602E 5-Ton corded-electric Log Splitter

Sun Joe 5-ton electric log splitter is another popular product in the market. Awesome design, amazing features, sufficient warranty and affordable price make this item fully acceptable to the customer. As the weight is lower it is also known as portable log splitter in the market. It can be called small log splitter as well. The customer rating is 3.7 out 5 which is not good, to be honest. This one is suitable for family or light-duty use. If you are searching for a small, portable, family size log splitter with cheaper price, then it can be a good option.

Basic product description

This particular wood splitter is only operated with electricity. That is why it is called electric log splitter. The item model number is LJ602E. The weight is only 97 pounds which is good. With this dimension 39*9.8*18.9, you can get full comfort while splitting. This one is fully portable with two reliable 6 inches wheels. 15-amp motor is used in this model which is capable of providing the 5-ton splitting force. You can cut the woods up to 20.5 inches and 10 inches in dimension. It can be used to split both the dry and wet wood. It takes only 20 seconds to complete each operation. It has also added a comfortable grip handle. This machine is approved and certified by ETL.


Main features

As an electric log splitter, it has some awesome features. Let’s have a quick look at those top features in below_

Easy to use

Easy operation is fully desired by the customer. If the operation process is hard to perform, the users may feel problem while operating. This one is very easy to operate I must say. No real training is needed to run this machine. Everyone can run it without pre-experience. Just plug in the machine with the electricity and split your woods.

Smooth performance

You may know that in case of electric log splitter performance largely depends on the motor. In this case 2hp, 15 amp motor is used in this model. So you can expect some smooth performance for sure. This machine will provide you 5-ton splitting force which is pretty good for family use. It can be used to cut both the green and dry woods.

Easy to move

Portability is an important feature for any log splitter. This particular wood splitter is quite portable I must say. As the weight is lower, it can be shifted easily. A smart handle is given to the machine that will help you to move as well. Moreover, it has added two reliable wheels (6 inches) with the machine.

Safety splitting

Who does not want a safety splitting feature with log splitter? This particular wood splitter has few safety features. This machine has included an overload circuit reset button and a dual-handed safety switch system. Moreover, you have to involve two hands while operating the machine. It will obviously prevent the unwanted accident.

Quite efficient

This machine is very much efficient I must say. Firstly, it can be run with normal residential electricity. Secondly, the cycle time is 20 seconds which is not bad. Finally, it can be used to cut the woods maximum 20.5 inches and 10 inches in dimension.

Affordable price

Price is an important factor, isn’t it? This particular electric log splitter is slightly cheaper than others. If you will compare this one with others, you may feel the differences. I think this machine is carrying bit lower price for sure.

Sufficient warranty

Warranty periods are so much important for any log splitter. If warranty periods are lower than expected, the customer may feel less secure. Basically, as a customer, everyone wants better warranty periods with the product. In this case, you will get 2 years of manufacturer warranty. I believe these warranty periods are quite sufficient for this machine.

Special features

I have already described the main features. It has some special features as well. Let’s have a look at a glance_

  • check
    Powerful performance
  • check
    Easy to both use and move
  • check
    Safety splitting features
  • check
    Affordable price
  • check
    Quite efficient and effective
  • check
    Sufficient warranty periods

Cons with the solutions

I think every product has some limitations. In case of this one, it has few limitations to be honest. Let’s mention some cons with the probable solutions in below_

1. Lower customer rating

Yes, the customer rating is not up to the mark. The current rating is 3.7 out of 5 which is poor, to be honest. Though the customer review or feedback is on the average level, the customer rating is lower than expected.

2. Only horizontal splitting capacity

You may feel why this electric log splitter has the only horizontal splitting ability? The answer is all the electric log splitters have this limitation, to be honest. So this is not a big problem. You have to accept this point.

3. Inapplicable for commercial purpose

5-ton splitting force is not enough for business or commercial purpose. This one is suitable for light-use or family use only. So if expect heavy-duty performance, it may unable to provide you with that.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is it really hard to operate?
A: No, it is very easy to operate or use.
Q: Does the machine energy efficient?
A: Yes, it can be run with residential electricity.
Q: Is the machine applicable in the vertical position?
A: No, the horizontal feature is available only.
Q: Can I run it with a single hand?
A: No, it required two hands for operation.
Q: How much are the warranty periods?
A: 2 years of manufacturer warranty.

Final thought

After all the discussion, I can say that Sun Joe LJ602E 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter is quite popular to the customer. It can be called smart log splitter. As the features are awesome, the customers like it a lot. Affordable price and decent warranty periods make this one desirable to the customer. It can be very effective for those who want a log splitter at a lower price with sufficient warranty. Though the customer rating is not good enough, it can be very handy to the customer. If you are searching for a portable and cheap log splitter, it can be a good option.

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