Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton manual hydraulic Log Splitter

Now i am introducing Sun Joe LJ10M 10-ton manual hydraulic log splitter. It is one of the best manual log splitters in the current market. As a brand, snow joe has earned huge popularity with the customer. Awesome design, attractive features, cheaper price etc have already grabbed the attention of a number of customers. It is also known as hydraulic log splitter. The customer rating is 4.3 out of 5 which quite good. As a manual wood splitter, it has created a good demand through the customer. It will be more effective for those who don’t want to spend fuel cost. This one can be operated manually only. So it will be much more efficient for the customer for sure. So it can be an ideal wood splitter for the customer.

Basic product description

This particular wood splitter is manufactured by snow joe. No motor is added in this model. Maximum splitting force is given 10-ton. This one is operated manually only so no need to put fuel such as gasoline or electricity. Maximum log dimension is 18 inches long and 8 inches wide. Hydraulic capacity is .17 gallon which is good. The product dimension is 41.1*8.1*11.8 inches that will be comfortable for splitting. The body is made of durable steel for long-lasting performance. The product weight is only 87 pounds.


Main features

As a manual wood splitter, it has some top features. As a customer, you have to know the main features of the product before taking a decision. Let’s have some discussion about the main features in below_

Easy to run

As a hand log splitter, it has the feature for easy operation. This one is very easy to run. No real hand power is needed to operate. Two longer handles are given for easy operation. You just push those handles with your two hands one after another. This operation requires little physical force only. Men, women even children can operate this wood splitter without facing any difficulties.

Powerful splitting

Though this small log splitter is operated manual hydraulic power, it can produce 10-ton splitting force. You can split a bigger wood with it. It can be used to split both the dry and hard log easily. So as a customer you can expect some smooth performance for sure.

Fully portable

This is also known as a portable log splitter because of the little weight. You can move or shift this machine to anywhere easily. Moreover, two wheels are added with it for easy transportation. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. So you can set it to the desired place and enjoy your splitting.

Durable body

Body is an important part for a machine, isn’t it? As a customer, you have to notice carefully about it. I believe body badly influences the machine’s performance. In this case, you don’t need to worry at all. This one will provide you durable steel construction body. You can use it for the longer periods of time. So be relaxed about the body year after year.

Very effective

This manual log splitter is quite effective is a sense of operation. You can split the wood up to 18 inches long and 8 inches in dimension. There is a log cradle feature is added that prevents the split log from falling. You can enjoy splitting all over the year. You have to pay very little maintenance cost which makes sure efficiency.

No fuel cost

As it is a hydraulic log splitter, you don’t need to purchase fuels like gasoline or electricity at all. The only requirement is manual hand power. So it will save your valuable money. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the arrangement of operating cost. Just collect this one and enjoy the suitable splitting experience.

Decent warranty

Warranty is another important factor for any machine. Better warranty influences the customer to purchase a product. I can tell you that this small log splitter has 2 years of official warranties which is sufficient. This warranty period is quite desired to be honest. So as a consumer, you can be relaxed for 2 years to be exact.

Special features

As a log splitter researcher, I have found some special features of this horizontal log splitter. Let me mention those features in below_

  • check
    10-ton splitting force
  • check
    100% portable with 2 wheels
  • check
    No real maintenance cost
  • check
    Affordable price
  • check
    Save fuel cost
  • check
    Decent 2 years warranty time.

Cons with the solution

To be honest I am really impressed with the top features of this manual wood splitter. Special features are also suitable. Nevertheless, it has some limitation as well. Let’s mention those limitations with the probable solution in below_

1. Wheels size is too small.

Solution: 2 wheels are given with this small log splitter but the size is not up to the mark. It could be bigger for sure. It may create a little problem when you will pull it. In fact, those wheels bit invisible to the user. So you have to focus on this point. On the other hand, as weight is lower, you can move it effortlessly. Finally, I don’t think it will create a major problem.

2. Less suitable for the lazy user.

Solution: As I said earlier, this hydraulic log splitter can be operated with hand power only. So this machine required some physical strength to run. So it will be less appropriate for those who are not industrious. As a customer, if you are a hard working person, then this one is perfect for you. On the other hand if not, it may be inappropriate for you to be honest.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Let’s know some question and answer about this log splitter in below_

Q: From where this machine is made of?
A: Made in China with superior technology.
Q: Is it really hard to operate?
A: Not at all. it is very easy and simple.
Q: Does the machine applicable to cut dry wood?
A: Yes. You can do this.
Q: What is the maximum log length?
A: It is 18 inches to be exact.
Q: Does it suitable for business purpose?
A: Not really. It is suitable for the family purpose.
Q: How much the warranty it has?
A: 2 years of official warranty.

Final thought

From Sun Joe LJ10M 10-ton manual hydraulic log splitter review you may gather necessary information about this machine. I believe it is one of the best-rated log splitters in the current market. As a cheap log splitter, it has owned a lot of popularity among the customers. The customer rating and feedback are simply awesome so you can trust this vertical wood splitter without any hesitation. Personally, I like this hydraulic log splitter. I believe it will be very effective for your splitting activities. It can be an ideal option for those who are searching for a smart, cheap and portable log splitter.

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