Southland Power Equipment SLS20825 25-Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter

Southland 25-ton gas powered log splitter is one of the most popular models on the market. As a brand Southland has 100 years of experience in the outdoor power equipment industry. Southland has offered the various model of log splitter in the market. Among them SLS20825, the 25-ton gas log splitter is more powerful and preferable model in the market. The customer has given the higher rating (4.4 out of 5) to this model. It is suitable for commercial or business purpose.

Product Description

The model number is SLS20825 and weight is 474 pounds. Southland 25-ton gas powered log splitter has used 208cc OHV gas engine that ensures high performance. It is suitable for heavy-duty operation. You can split huge quantity of log within no time. In this model, an extra internal oil delivery system is used that provides extra lubrication to internal engine bearings. As a result, the engine does not overheat and ensure long life performance. It is capable of doing a single operation within 17 seconds which is good enough for a user. It also includes an auto return valve that will help you to complete your work quickly. You can use this log splitter in both horizontal and vertical way. There is 25-ton splitting capacity in this machine that ensures high performance no doubt about it. You can split up to 26-inch length log easily. It has used the tall 8-inch splitting wedge that is heat treated for maximum performance and longer life.


Top features

Southland has provided some unique features in this product. Let's see some of the main features of this product_

Easy to operate

Log splitter operation must be easy and simple. If there is a difficult operation process, then it will be hard for you to run the machine. In this case, you should not worry about it because it is very easy to operate. I think you will be able to operate it without any pre-experience.

Powerful engine

Southland has used 208cc powerful engine that is very much capable of doing heavy work. You can split both dry and wet log easily. It is known as heavy-duty log splitter in the market. The Engine does not overheat so that it can give you smooth and stable performance. It is capable of doing the job fast and smooth. You can expect high performance from this machine I can tell you that.

​​​​​​​Gas powered

If there is an electricity problem, electric log splitter will unable to work. In this case, you will not feel any problem for sure. Normally gas powered log splitter have plenty of splitting power which is suitable for heavy duty operation. The other thing is you can work in a remote area without any problem. That is why it is also called smart log splitter on the market.

Fully Efficient

Efficiency is another important feature for a log splitter. It means taking maximum output by giving minimum input. This machine is much more efficient because it takes only 17 seconds time to complete a single task. There is also including an auto return valve in this machine, so you don't need to push it again and again. Moreover, you can split plenty of wood within a short time. So it will save your valuable time.

Quite Portable

Today everyone wants to buy a machine that is portable. Sometimes you may need to work in outdoor. In that case, there is no alternative to portability. In this case, the machine is very much portable. You can carry the machine anywhere you want. This machine contains heavy duty two 16 inches pneumatic D.O.T. approved wheels that can run the maximum speed of 45 mph.

Versatile capacity

versatile splitting is an important feature for a log splitter. It has the versatile splitting capacity which is good. You can split the log not only vertically but also horizontally at the same time. Within a few seconds, you can turn the position of your machine. it will help you to complete the job comfortably and quickly.

Sufficient warranty

This machine is very much reliable to the customers because of sufficient warranty periods. Southland is providing total 3 years warranty with this product. 1 year for the hydraulics, 2 years for the engine, and 3 years for the steel frame that are good enough for you to rely on.


Accessories are important to any product. Some products remain useless without necessary accessories. But if you choose this product I think you will not feel any problem regarding those accessories. All types of accessories are available on the market.

Special features

There are many positive sides in this model. Let's discuss some of the main advantages of this machine_

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful 208cc OHV engine
  • Quick cycle time
  • Capable of versatile splitting
  • Portable with two dependable tires
  • Efficient in operation process
  • Sufficient warranty

Cons with the solution

According to Newton “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction”. So this product has some limitations as well but obviously, it has the solution. Let's discuss those on below shortly_

Weight is bit higher !

Solution:  As you know, normally gas powered log splitter is heavy in weight Because of heavy splitting capacity and the strong body attachment. Moreover, if you demand lightweight with those features, it will be quite impossible for the manufacturer. So you have to consider this point.

Price is seemed to be higher !

Solution: Normally price determine based on features and brand values. You may think that price is a bit higher But not so. I think the price is decent as well. If you compare it with other brands, you may feel the difference between them. As a researcher, I will suggest you to choose the best one from those. There is a proverb_ “best items are always expensive”.

Only operated with gas.

Solution: Yes this machine is only operated with gasoline power. You may know that maximum big size or powerful log splitters are operated with gas. High splitting force is required fuels like gasoline, petrol etc. so if you need a strong or powerful log splitter, you have to accept this point.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question : Where is this machine made of?

Answer : Made in China with the latest technology.

Question : Does the hydraulic oil provided with the                         machine?

Answer : No, you have to purchase it.

Question : Can I operate it without any training?

Answer : Yes you can, it is very easy to operate.

Question : Does it operate without any sound?

Answer : No, it will create little bit sound.

Question : Is it applicable in business purpose?

Answer : Obviously. It is suitable for commercial                           purpose.


As a brand, Southland is satisfying the customer from last 100 years. I hope it will be same to you. so we already have discussed almost all the points that you should know before purchasing this Southland 25-ton gas powered log splitter. As customer rating and feedback are good, you can trust the brand and its product. If you need a heavy duty log splitter for commercial use, then it may an ideal choice. As a researcher, I will suggest you this model but the final decision is yours.

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