Southland Outdoor Power Equipment 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Southland outdoor power equipment 6-ton electric log splitter has become huge popular in the market recently. The reasons behind it is quality design, superior performance, better warranty time etc. as a brand southland is providing various log splitter model in the market like gas powered, electric powered etc. Among them this particular electric log splitter is quite desirable to the customer. The customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 which is good as well. Southland has over 100 years of management experience in the outdoor power equipment industry. So you can expect better feedback here. However, you will receive 2 years of manufacturer warranty with this particular electric log splitter.

Basic product description

This particular smart log splitter is operated with electricity only. That is why it can be called as corded-electric log splitter. The product dimension is 37.7 x 11.8 x 18.5 inches which is okay. The weight is only 105 pounds that is light. Heavy duty 1.75 HP, 15 amp induction motor is used in this model that can deliver smooth performance even in the tough condition. The wedge size is 5 inches that can perform heavy duty operation. It will help you to wood easily and quickly. The cycle time is only 18-seconds for big splitting jobs. Integrated stroke limiter is added here to adjust shorter stroke for smaller logs. 7 inches dependable wheels are given with it for easy portability. It can be stored vertically in a small place.


Main features

Southland outdoor power equipment 6-ton electric log splitter is one of the best electric log splitter in the market. There are few top features in this smart electric log splitter. I think you cannot expect better than that. Let me mention those in below_ 

Easy to operate

Easy operation feature is quite desired by maximum users. This particular electric log splitter is very easy to run I must say. User-friendly design will help you to perform the job easier. Don’t be worry about operating system. It is much easier than your expectation.

Fully portable

Portability is another necessary feature for the users. This one is fully portable with 7 inches wheels. That is why it is known as portable log splitter. Moreover, the weight is only 95 pounds which is not bulky. You can carry it easily anywhere you need.

Powerful performance

The performance is being considered as a vital factor for the users. In case of performance, you will not be dissatisfied here I should say. 1.75 HP, 15 amp induction motor is used here that will provide you 6-ton splitting force. 5 inches wedge is given here that can perform heavy duty operation. So you can expect powerful performance. It can be used to cut not only green wood but also dry wood.

Efficient operation

This particular electric log splitter​​​​​​​​ is quite efficient in case of operation as well. The normal cycle time is 18 seconds which is applicable in big size log. On the other hand, you can adjust integrated stroke limiter when the log is small. As a result, you can minimize cycle time. It will definitely increase your productivity.

Easy to store

After completing a job, you can store it in a small place. As the machine can be store vertically, it will take less space to fit. So it will maximize your space efficiency.

Made in USA

This electric log splitter is made in USA. That is why it will be long lasting and durable. So as a user, you can expect better product life cycle.

Better warranty

Warranty is really important for machines. It is considered as more when it is an expensive product. In case of this smart log splitter, you will get full 2 years of manufacturer warranty. I believe this warranty period is sufficient for the users.

Special features

Southland outdoor power equipment 6-ton electric log splitter has some special features. As an electric log splitter, it has some features. Let me discuss those in below_

  • Heavy duty 1.75 HP, 15 amp induction motor
  • Smooth operation with 6-ton splitting force
  • 18 seconds cycle time that can be minimized
  • Required less space to store
  • Powerful performance with great efficiency
  • Quite durable as made in USA
  • Better warranty periods (2 years).

Some limitations with the solution

The price is higher !

Solution: Yes I agree that the price is little bit higher here. If you compare it with other in this segment, you may feel the variation. But still the product features is simply awesome that is missing in other machine. So if you give maximum importance on product performance, durability and warranty time, you have to sacrifice the price factor here. Otherwise, if you are price sensitive, you can cancel this one.

Only horizontal splitting !

Solution: The vertical splitting feature is missing here. In fact maximum electric log splitter has only horizontal splitting capacity. You can call it as horizontal log splitter. As the product overall features are good, consumer may expect vertical feature too. But the thing is you will get only horizontal feature here. Moreover, you can store this one vertically anywhere in a small place.

Only red color available !

Solution: Though it is a silly matter, some customer may dislike the red color. If the multiple colors are available, it will be better for the color sensitive consumer.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Let me mention some frequently asked question between customer and seller below_

Q: Does it have the vertical splitting feature?
A: No. but you can store it vertically.

Q: Can I get multiple color log splitter?
A: No. only red color is available.

Q: What is the wedge size?
A: It is 5 inches to be exact.

Q: Does it difficult to operate?
A: Not really. It is very easy to use.

Q: Where it is made of?
A: It is made in USA.

Q: How much the warranty time?
A: 2 years of manufacturer warranty.

Final evaluation

Southland outdoor power equipment 6-ton electric log splitter is one of the best electric log splitter in the current market. It is also known as smart log splitter to the customer. As a customer if you want a powerful, good looking, efficient and portable log splitter, it can be a great choice. Moreover, the customer rating and feedback are also up to the mark. So you can expect better satisfaction here. Though the price is little bit higher, the product features are simply amazing. So at the end of the day you will win, if you choose this one. As a log splitter expert, I like this one. But the final decision is yours.

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