Pow’ R’ Kraft 4-Ton Corded-Electric Log Splitter Review

Pow' R' Kraft is one of the most popular brands in the market. It has earned huge popularity providing small size log splitter to the customer. Among all the log splitter, Pow' R' Kraft 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter is more preferable with the customer. It is also known as smart log splitter in the market. This particular model has grabbed the customer attention because of the awesome design and smart features. It is suitable for residential or family purpose use. The customer rating is 4.1 out of 5 which is good enough to choose this one. It can be very effective for those who have the small splitting requirement. If you need a smart log splitter for light use, it can be a good option for sure.

Basic Product Description

This particular log splitter is operated with corded-electric powered. The model number is 65556 and shipping weight is only 105 pounds. Dependable 1500 watt electric motor is used in this particular log splitter that will ensure you the smooth performance. You can run it on with regular household electricity. The whole body is made of pure steel that will confirm you a long working life. This machine will provide you 4-ton splitting force which is good enough for your residential use. It is capable of cutting the wood up to 20 inches long and 10 inches in dimension. It can be used to split both hard and green log. With the dimension of 40.5*23.2*14 inches, you will get comfortable splitting experience for sure.


Top features 

This particular log splitter is getting more popular day by day because of some awesome features. I think you must know those features before taking the purchasing decision. Let’s discuss those features in below shortly_

Easy operation

Basically, all the electric log splitters are easier to operate than the others. Among all the log splitter, this particular model is the easiest one I believe. The machine is very easy to operate, no doubt about it. You can easily operate it without any training or experiences. I think everyone can use this machine without any problem. So you may understand the point that why the customers prefer this one.

Fully portable

I think potability is an important feature for any log splitter. This wood splitter is only 105 pounds so you can easily move it to your desired place. It is also known as portable log splitter in the market. Nowadays customers prefer portable wood splitter a lot because of an easy move and transport facilities. If there is a sufficient portable scope within the machine, it will be helpful for your splitting activity. Moreover, it will provide you outdoor splitting capability. In fact this log splitter is suitable for outdoor splitting activity. Two comfortable wheels are given with the machine which will obviously help you to move.

Efficient splitting

This electric wood splitter is very efficient I must say. As this machine has 1500 watt electric motor, you can split a good number of woods within a short time. Another important fact is that you can run it with your regular household electricity. It can be used to cut the log maximum 20 inches and 10 inches in dimension which is fine. so it can be very efficient for your job.

Energy saving

This particular model consumes less electric power while operating. It can be used with your normal residential electric power. As a result, it will help you from extra operation cost for sure. You may know that residential electricity carries less voltage than the industrial one. So you will feel relax while operating it because of less operating cost. Thus it saves the electrical energy as well as your valuable money.


This electrically powered log splitter is much more reliable and dependable. You know the warranty is a vital factor for a log splitter. Everyone wants a wood splitter that carries maximum or decent warranty periods. The manufacturer of this brand is providing 2 years of official warranty with the machine. As a log splitter expert, I think the warranty period is quite sufficient for the customers.

Special features

There are some advantages or positive sides in this log splitter that is really amazing. You can call it as special features. Let’s find out those points in below_

  • Simple operation process
  • Heavy steel body
  • Easy to carry or move
  • Energy efficient
  • Decent splitting performance
  • Excellent warranty period.

Limitations with the probable solution

Already you have known the top and special features of this log splitter. But this is true that it has some limitation as well. Basically, every product has some disadvantages. But still, you should not worry about it because there are enough solutions too. Let’s find out some limitations and their possible solutions in below_

  • Inappropriate for heavy duty operation.

Solution: As I said earlier that this log splitter is only 105 pounds weight. As it carries lightweight, it cannot be used for the heavy-duty operation. Moreover, it has only 4-tons of splitting force which is not sufficient for heavy operation. So it is quite inappropriate for commercial use. So if you need powerful and heavy duty log splitter, it won’t be a perfect choice.

  • Less suitable for remote areas.

Solution: Normally small log splitter can be used anywhere you want I mean your desired places. As this machine is operated by electric powered, you cannot run it without electricity. Basically, there is electricity problem in rural or remote areas. So if your targeted location is there, you may feel electricity trouble while operating this machine. In that case, you can collect a portable inverter generator for backup.

  • This machine is capable of only horizontal splitting.

Solution: If you notice maximum small log splitter has only horizontal splitting only. You know that it is not vertical log splitter. The possible reasons are machine size is small, less splitting force, height is lower than big machine etc. As a result, this machine has given only horizontal splitting capacity. So you have to accept this point.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q : Can I use it for heavy-duty operation?

A : No. it is less suitable for this.

Q : Does it provide smooth performance?

A :  It is capable of doing this.

Q : Can I use it to split dry wood?

A : You can split both dry and wet wood.

Q : Does the body of this log splitter reliable?

A : The whole body is made of dynamic steel. So it will give you long-lasting performance for sure. 

Q : How much the warranty period is?

A : You will get 2 years of official warranty.

Final verdict

Pow' R' Kraft 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter is the most preferable and amazing log splitter to the customer. As the customer rating is high, you can choose it for your residential use. It is also called cheap log splitter because of the cheaper price. I believe after evaluating this electric log splitter reviews, you will be able to take a final decision about it. I think if you need a smart log splitter for family use, it may be the best option for you.

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