NorthStar 37-Ton, 270cc hydraulic powered log Splitter review

Northstar has become one of the greatest log Splitters in the market from the last few decades. It has almost 30 years of manufacturing experience in the side of outdoor power equipment. Northstar has already provided various models in the market. Among them, 37-ton hydraulic powered log Splitter is more popular with the customer. It has already got the attention of the customer in a remarkable way. It provides exclusive design, decent features, dependable body and powerful engine etc with the product. The product is quite dependable to the customer that is why customer rating is awesome (4.9 out of 5). It is also known as heavy-duty wood splitter int he market. This log Splitter is suitable for commercial, heavy duty or business purpose.

Basic Product Description

The model number of this log Splitter is 1131 and shipping weight is almost 625 pounds. Powerful Honda GX270 engine is used in this log Splitter with an exclusive idle down feature that maintains fuel and reduces noise while you load the next log. The concentric hydraulic pump is added to this model that adjusts flow and pressure by delivering high or low pressure when needed. It has also introduced 4-way wedge wings which help to cut the wood into smaller and desirable size. Automatic cylinder return makes the machine fast and comfortable. Fuel capacity is 1.4 gallon which is sufficient. With this dimension of 90 x 43 x 42, you will get full satisfaction and feel easy to operate. This log Splitter is Capable of doing both horizontal and vertical splitting. The cycle time is only 14 seconds to perform a single task. This machine is much more portable and two dependable tires are given with it that will help you to move easily.

NorthStar_37-Ton, 270cc_hydraulic_powered_log_splitter

Main features

There are some exclusive features of this log Splitter. I will describe those features in below_

Powerful engine

I think you all know about Honda engine. How powerful and dependable engine it is! In this model 270cc, Honda GX270 powerful engine is used so that you may able to perform heavy duty job. you can can call it industrial log splitter. I think it will help you to complete your job faster and smoother. It will provide you 37-ton splitting force which is very strong. This log Splitter is more than capable of doing the huge number of splitting within a short time for sure. No matter the wood is dry or wet you can split both types of log effortlessly. It is suitable for heavy-duty splitting operation.


Nowadays everyone wants a log Splitter that is portable. The size and weight are bit higher so the question is whether this log Splitter is portable or movable? The answer is yes. The log Splitter is quite portable. You will get 2 reliable tires with the log Splitter that makes sure portability. You can carry it where you want.

Versatile capability

The log Splitter is much more versatile in terms of uses. You can use it not only vertically but also horizontally. that is why it is known as vertical log splitter. Sometimes you may need to split the wood horizontally or vertically for some specific reasons. If there is a problem for versatile use, you will be unable to get maximum output. So this is much more important to have both features in a single log Splitter.


Normally hydraulic powered log Splitter get some extra benefit than other log Splitters. As the engine is operated with gasoline power, you will get huge splitting force easily. Moreover, the engine is attached to the hydraulic oil pump so that it can create stream high-pressure oil. It will help the valve to run smoothly. In this process, the valve helps the operator activate the hydraulic cylinder to split the log. It will provide you fast and stable performance for a long time. And it will consume less utility as well. So this log Splitter will be very effective for you.


The log Splitter is much more efficient because of some unique features. Such as, it will save your valuable time by providing huge splitting wood within very short time. Moreover, it is capable of splitting both dry and green logs effortlessly. And obviously, it will consume less power to perform the job. It will take only 14 seconds to complete a single operation which is quite fast. It is also capable of splitting the wood up to 25 inches long and 16 inches wide. Because of the latest technology, the log Splitter will be energy efficient as well.

Sufficient warranty

Warranty is an important factor for any product especially for the big budget one. This log Splitter will give you 4 years of official warranty that is very rare in this range. Basically, warranty makes the positive perception to the user's mind about the product. You cannot find this type of warranty period easily with other brands.

Accessories availability

Accessories are very important to any product. After using a product for a long time, it may need some of the spare parts to run the product. If there is the unavailability of the desired spare parts in the market, it will create a huge problem for you. But in this case, you will get all the accessories in the market and obviously in the search engine like Google or Bing etc.

Special features

There are some positive sides or advantages in this log Splitter. Let me mention those shortly in the below_

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    World famous Honda 270cc powerful engine
  • check
    Versatile splitting like horizontal or vertical way
  • check
    Much more efficient with hydraulic powered splitting
  • check
    Fully portable with two dependable tires
  • check
    4 years of Sufficient warranty
  • check
    Superior customer rating (4.9)

Cons with the solution

You know that every product has some limitations. Similarly, it has few limitations but not the serious problem. I have tried to find out the possible solution of the limitation. Let us mention those points_

Product price is bit higher !

Solution: You may be thinking that the price is too much higher. But no. as far as my research Northstar is not charging higher prices. If you notice the product quality, features, and warranty periods you will understand the variation related to other products. And there is a proverb_ “Quality product charge higher price”. 

Product weight is very higher !

Solution: Yes it is true. As the machine is very powerful, it must have a strong body. Otherwise, you will feel imbalance and uncomfortable while do your splitting activities. Body weight is a bit higher but very reliable to use. So you have to consider this point.

Less suitable for light use !

Solution: As the machine is only applicable for heavy duty operation, it may be less suitable for family purpose use. You should choose this machine only when you need a heavy duty machine. Otherwise, let it go

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Can I operate the log Splitter without pre-experience?

Answer: Yes you can. It is very easy to operate.

Question: Does it applicable for business use?

Answer: Why not? It is suitable for commercial use.

Question: What is the maximum log size to split?

Answer: You can split the wood 25 inches and 16 inches in dimension.

Question: How much time it takes to change horizontal to vertical?

Answer: It will take only a few seconds to change the position.

Final verdict

As a brand, Northstar is quite acceptable to the current customer. It has been providing awesome log Splitter to the market. It is known as heavy duty log splitter to the customer. As a large wood splitter, it is popular as well. If you are searching for a powerful or heavy duty log splitter for commercial use, it can be the ultimate best choice. The customer rating is simply awesome, isn’t it? It can be considered as one of the best log Splitters in the recent market. So it can be the best gas log splitter for heavy-duty operation. As a researcher, I will recommend you to choose Northstar 37-ton hydraulic powered log Splitter for your commercial purpose.

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