Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling manual hand log Splitter

Kindling cracker is one of the best manual log splitters in the market. It is also known as Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling manual hand log Splitter. As a hand log splitter, it has already become very popular with the customers. It can be operated manually only. That is why it is called the manual log splitter. It is easier and safe way to split the wood without moving any blade. The customer rating is awesome 4.8 out of 5 to be exact. The customer reviews and feedback are also up to the mark. It is suitable for family or residential purpose only. It can be used both inside and outside the house. The price is also cheaper so you can call it a cheap log splitter. If you are looking for manual, effective, hand and cheap log splitter, it can be the best option.

Basic product description

Kindle cracker is a manual log splitter that can be operated with hand power only. The product dimension is 9*13*9 that is stable. The item weight is only 10 pounds. The inside diameter is 6.5 inches and top ring height is 12 inches. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The body is very strong because it is made of high-quality cast iron from Australia. It can be used to cut up to 16 inches long wood. No matter whether the log is dry and wet, you can cut all the woods. The price really cheaper so it will be a budget log splitter for the users. Moreover, the manufacturer is providing total 5 years of official warranty. 


Main features

As a manual log splitter, kindle cracker has some top features. You may become happy to read those top features. To be honest the features are amazing. Let’s have a quick look at those features in below_

Easy to operate

Though this one is a manual log splitter, it is not difficult to operate at all. I must say it is very easy to operate. Everyone can run this one. Even a small school going child also can operate it. It doesn’t require any training at all. Moreover, you don’t need to have pre-experience to run this one. So there is no complexity you will face to operate this log splitter.

Fully portable

This small log splitter is very simple to carry or move. The weight is only 10 pounds which is so light. So as a user, you will feel no problem to transfer it. That is why it is called portable log splitter. Even a child can carry this hand log splitter to the desired place. Though it has no wheel, you will hardly face any problem. So enjoy your job anywhere like indoor or outdoor. 

Safety splitting

This particular smart log splitter is very safe in case of the operating system. There is no moving blade that passes close to your hands. It will ensure 100% safety splitting experience. You don’t need to push your hand near the danger areas. So it will provide you with full security while running the log splitter.

Strong body

In case of the manual log splitter, the body plays the main role for sure. There is no engine or motor is added here. So the body will play the most vital role for splitting activities. If you choose this one, you don’t need to worry about it at all. The reason is that this particular hand log splitter is made of high quality cast iron in Australia. As a result, the machine will provide you services year after year. So you can expect a long-term performance here for sure. 

Cheaper price

The product price is a big factor, no doubt about it. In case of this smart log splitter, the price is the most lowest. That is why it is called as cheap log splitter in the market. I am sure that you will not find a log splitter like that in sense of price. The price is very cheap but the features are quite awesome. So it can be the best-budged log splitter for your personal use. 

Useful for health

You know that this one is operated with manual forces only. So it will require some physical power, to be honest. You have to provide some hand strength. So it will ensure some physical exercises that are useful for your health. We know that every day some exercise is necessary for the body, isn’t it?

Save money

Everyone wants to save money, doesn’t he? This particular hand log splitter will definitely save your money. The price of the log splitter is very lower. That is why it is known as the cheap log splitter. So you don’t need to expend more money for that. If you compare this one in sense of price with others, it will be clear to you. Though it is a manual log splitter, it can be very effective for your family use.

No operating cost

Operating or running cost is a big factor, I think. Every consumer wants to minimize operating cost anyhow. We know that gas and electric log splitter have an operating cost. It will depend on the size and capacity of the machine. In case of this one, you don’t need to cost money as operating cost. As this one is a manual log splitter, it doesn’t require any fuels like gasoline, petrol, electricity etc. so you will feel no tension related to operating costs. Moreover, little bit physical strength will be the only operating cost. 

No servicing cost

I believe servicing or maintenance cost is another vital factor for the users. Except for manual log splitter, all the wood splitter like gas or electric powered has decent servicing cost. Basically, after using a specific period of time, the machine may require servicing. So as a consumer, you must spend some money on this. In case of manual log splitter like this one, the concept is totally different. There is no servicing or maintenance cost is involved here. You don’t cost anything for that. 

Superior warranty

Every customer wants better warranty time. Basically, the warranty always becomes an important part. This particular small log splitter carries 5 years of official warranty. I think this warranty time is quite acceptable to the customer. It is also a premier warranty time no doubt about it. I think 5 years warranty time is very rare and we hardly have seen this. So the warranty periods are fully acceptable, to be honest. 

Special features

As a log splitter researcher, I have found this manual log splitter as very effective. After reading the top features, you may agree with me. Nevertheless, it has some exceptional features. Let’s mention those features in below_

  • Not difficult to operate
  • Made of high-quality iron
  • Really cheaper price
  • Help to keep users healthy
  • No operating and servicing cost
  • 5 years superior warranty time.

Cons with the solution

Almost every product has some limitations, to be honest. In this case, I also have found some cons. Let’s have a quick look at those points with possible solutions_

Inappropriate for the lazy users.

Solution: As this one is hand log splitter, the user must give some hand power to run it. Without the hand power, this machine will not run. There are a few customers who are very lazy. This one is not for them to be honest. This manual wood splitter is only for the industrious person. So identify yourself whether you are a lazy person or not. Then you should make the final decision.

less suitable for commercial purpose.

Solution: This particular manual wood splitter is only suitable for light or family purpose use. Moreover, this is a bit slower in case of splitting performance. Because of manual operation, you cannot expect heavy-duty performance to be honest. If your target is for commercial purpose, you should reject this one.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Let’s mention some questions and answers about this cheap log splitter in below_

Q: Is it very difficult to run?
A: Not really. It can be run by a child too.
Q: Can I split 16 inches wood as long?
A: Yes you can but log must be narrow.
Q: Does the wood splitter run with one hand?
A: Not impossible but it will be hard.
Q: Is it suitable for business purpose use?
A: No it can be used only for the light purpose.
Q: How much is the warranty time?
A: 5 year supreme warranty time.

Final thought

After all the discussion, it can be said that Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling manual hand log Splitter is one of the best manual wood splitters in the current market. As a cheap log splitter, it has already earned huge popularity. The customer rating and feedback are very good as well. Personally, I love this particular manual wood splitter. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, this one is easily portable because of lightweight. So it can be the best option for the industrious customer. If you are looking for a smart, portable, long-lasting, manual and cheap log splitter, it can be the superior choose I can challenge that. 

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