KABIN Kindle Firewood Portable Unique X-design Manual Hand log splitter

KABIN Kindle Firewood Portable Unique X-design Manual Hand log splitter is one of the best manual log splitters in the recent market. It is also known as unique log splitter in the market. The users love it because of unique design and quality features with a decent price range. As a brand, Kabin is creating modern tools to make our busy lives easier. Kabin tools are designed with superior quality materials for long-lasting performance. 

The product design is unique from others in this segment. The customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 which is good as well. The customer reviews and feedback are also positive. It will be suitable for indoor as well as outdoor. You can carry it anywhere like the cottage, bonfire, RV & campsite etc. If you are searching for a smart, portable, unique design and effective log splitter for family use, it can be a good option.

Basic product description

This particular manual hand log splitter comes from the brand Kabin. Though as a brand it is newcomer, it has already made a positive statement in the customer’s mind. The overall product dimension is 9.0*10.2*15.5 inches which are stable. The item’s weight is 12 pounds which is lite. This one is made from durable cast steel. It is quite capable of delivering long-lasting performance. It is fully portable with lite weight and curved handles. This one is designed with considering home safety first. It is capable of splitting both green and dry wood. There are 4 bolts are added on the base of the splitter. It can be fixed with stock or other heavy objects. 


Main features

KABIN Kindle Firewood Portable Unique X-design Manual Hand log splitter has some superior quality features for the customers. You will be surprised to know those awesome advantages. Let me introduce those elements in below_

Unique design

This particular manual log splitter carries a unique design. There is an X-shape design introduced in this model. It has provided a new design in this segment. It has also introduced an X in the bottom. It will help the machine to make super stable. You can also use it as a storage box to carry the woods anywhere you need.

Safety splitting

This amazing manual log splitter is quite safe in case of splitting. It has made considering the home safety first. There is no sharp blade introduced in this model. You can remain this machine around your home without worry about children. You don’t need to use any axe to cut log which is safer. You just put the wood on the splitter and hit with a hammer. That’s it; the work will be done with minimal labor.

Easy to operate

This particular hand log splitter is not difficult to operate at all. It is 100% easier than a splitting axe or maul. As a user, you don’t need to deliver extreme force to cut log. You need a minimum physical power to operate this machine. The recommended hammer size is 4lb but I will consult to use bigger size hammer. I think 8lb is perfect for this log splitter. It will reduce physical strength and increase output. 

Fully portable

This one is quite portable with a lower weight. It is also known as portable log splitter to the customer. The item’s weight is only 12 pounds. So you can carry it where ever you want. Moreover, it also provides curvy handles for better movement. You can carry this one to your desired places like cottage or campground easily.

100% durable

This smart log splitter is completely durable as well. This one is made from premium quality cast steel. So you can expect long-lasting performance for many years. We all know that cast steel is stronger than cast iron. It has also added a black finish over the steel. That is why it will be good looking as well as remains attractive in all weather.


This small manual log splitter will be effective for the users. This one is much better than a traditional maul. An extra-wide mouth is set which will allow bigger and wider logs in the splitter. As a user, you may split 10 inches long wood and 6 inches in dimension. It can be used to cut both the hard and wet log. In case of dry or hard wood, it may take a couple of hits more. 

Versatile set-up

This particular portable log splitter is quite versatile in case of set up. There are 4 dedicated bolt holes in the bottom of this machine. It will help you to set this machine up anywhere. You can set up this machine permanently or temporally to your suitable place. It will increase your working output and minimize your effort. 


Special features

KABIN Kindle Firewood Portable Unique X-design Manual Hand log splitter has some special features. Before taking a final decision, you must know the special features. Special features are also impressive along with the main features. Let me narrate those features at a glance below_

  • Unique & smart design
  • Easy to operate
  • Safety splitting
  • Fully portable & durable
  • Better customer rating (4.4 out of 5)
  • Versatile setup option.

Cons with the solutions

So far I have discussed some top features and advantages. KABIN Kindle Firewood Portable Unique X-design Manual Hand log splitter has few limitations. Now I like to mention some limitations of this amazing manual log splitter. We know every product has some limitation. No product can be made 100% perfectly. Though there are no big issues here, I would like to share with you those below_

1. There is no accurate warranty information provided !
Solution: I have felt a little bit disappointed by this fact. I have already searched Amazon.com, manufacturer website and other dealer websites. But I didn’t found any authentic warranty information there at all. I didn’t expect this. Now let me inform you good news. This log splitter built quality and external black finish are pretty solid. The overall product quality is up to the mark as well. As far as my concern, this one is well capable of providing long-lasting service. I think you can expect services for at least 5 years here. So warranty issue is not a big deal.

2. The log splitter’s blade is not as sharp as expected !
Solution: Yes this is true! The blade which is used in this model is quite durable but not enough sharp. Though it decreases unwanted injury issues, it will also reduce working efficiency. Users may give more physical power while splitting dry or hard wood. In that case, the user should hit the hammer harder. Though the recommended hammer size is 4 lb, you should use a bigger one for better output. I would suggest you to use 8 lb hammer for the desired result.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

KABIN Kindle Firewood Portable Unique X-design Manual Hand log splitter is one of the best manual log splitters in this range. The customers have plenty of queries about this log splitter. I will mention some important question and answer for you in below_ 

Question: From where it is made of?
Answer: This one is made from China with superior technology. Though it is from China, the built quality is quite solid and premium. You can compare it with the USA made one as well.

Question: Can I use this splitter without bolting it to an anchor?
Answer: It works fine on any floor or ground. You can use rubber doormat under the splitter to reduce noises. If you need to install the machine in a permanent place, then you may use those bolts to an anchor. Otherwise, you can remain log splitter anywhere. Nevertheless, after setting this on a comfortable height, you can get maximum comfort while splitting.

Question: What size hammer should I use for maximum output?
Answer: The recommended hammer size by the manufacturer is 4 lb. It is okay with green or wet wood. But when the wood is dry or hard, you need to use a bigger hammer like 6 lb or 8 lb for better result.
Question: Can it be possible to use this as a versatile way?
Answer: First of all, you can use it as a manual log splitter. It can be used anywhere with lite weight. Secondly, you can use it as a log storage rack. You can carry some logs in this log splitter as there is an X-shape in the bottom.

Question: What about the warranty time?
Answer: There is no declaration about the warranty by the manufacturer. You don’t need to worry about it as the machine is quite heavy and durable. You must get a long time performance.

Final thought

After all the arguments I can tell you that KABIN Kindle Firewood Portable Unique X-design Manual Hand log splitter is one of the best manual log splitters in the current market. The people who love new design and innovation with the machine will love this one. It will be a great option who required a smart, durable, versatile log splitter for family purpose. The customer rating and feedback are good enough for consideration. So this manual log splitter can be the best choice for you.

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