Goplus 1500W 6-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

The Goplus 1500w 6-ton electric hydraulic log splitter is another popular model in the current market. As a brand Goplus has earned mentionable popularity with the customer. Awesome design, long-lasting metal body, better quality features make this one attractive to the customers. This is known as a portable log splitter in the market. The price is also affordable that is why this product demand is increasing day by day. The customer rating is 3.8 out of 5 which is not bad at all. This machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be a better option for you if you are searching for a smart, cheap, portable log splitter for residential purpose.

Basic product description

I am introducing a machine which is called Goplus 6-ton electric log splitter. This machine is manufactured by the superbuy. As the power source is corded-electric, it is called an electric log splitter. 1500 watt powerful motor is used in this model which is capable of providing the 6-ton splitting force. Minimum operating voltage is required 120 volt which is available at home. Motor load speed is 3450 RPM. The dimension of the cylinder is 2.3 inches (60mm) and max cylinder travel is 15.3 inches (390mm). Hydraulic oil capacity is 2.8 litre which is good. This product dimension is 37.0*12.2*18.1 inches and weight is only 102 pounds.


Main features

This particular log splitter is very effective in case of operation. It has other useful features as well which is pretty good. So let’s have a quick look at those features in below_

Easy to operate

This one is very easy to operate I must say. At first, you need to add hydraulic oil to the cylinder then you can simply go for it. In fact, you don’t need to have pre-experience in that. The user-friendly design will provide you full comfort while operating it. Moreover, this machine will provide you with a risk-free operation system.

Fully portable

This particular one is quite portable log splitter I believe. Two big wheels are given with the machine for easy transportation. It is also providing two comfort grips that will help you to move the machine. Moreover, the total weight is only 102 pounds which is very light as well.

Powerful operation

1500 watt powerful motor is used in this model that is quite powerful. It can give you maximum 6-ton splitting force. This machine can be used to cut the green wood only. It can perform your job fast with full comfort. Nevertheless, you can expect some keen performance here like the best band saw machine. So as a customer you can expect some smooth performance for sure.

Efficient splitting

This particular one is very much efficient in case of operation process. It can be used to cut the log up to 20.4 inches long and 9.8 inches in dimension. As the motor shut off automatically each time after splitting, you can go for another log. So it will make your work faster. Moreover, efficient design helps you to set the machine anywhere.

Quite effective

This particular electric log splitter is small in size but very effective in the operation process. It can be more effective in the case of the home or residential use. Moreover, this one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Comfortable and user-friendly design make your job simple. You can split plenty of wood within a short time.

Durable machine

Durability is an important feature for a machine like a log splitter. As the machine is purchased for longer periods of time, it must have a long lasting feature. Durable material is used in this machine. So you can expect a long time performance. The construction of the machine is effective as well as stable. So as a user you will feel total comfort while doing the job.

Cheaper price

Price is a big factor, no doubt about it. Every customer wants a product with higher features at a reasonable price. I think this machine carries a lower price than others. If you compare the features of this machine with others, you can feel the differences. I believe this price range is expected and quite affordable to the customer. This machine will provide you with the great return of your money.


This particular electric log splitter is quite reliable I must say. The manufacturer is giving 2 years of official warranties with the machine. As far as my concern, it's after sales services are good. That is why the customer reviews and feedback are up to the mark. So I believe, the warranty periods are quite sufficient in this range.

Special features

I have already discussed the top features of this electric log splitter. As a researcher, I have found some special features in this model. Let’s have a quick look at those in below_

  • check
    Attractive user-friendly design
  • check
    6-ton splitting force
  • check
    Effective and efficient operation
  • check
    Fully portable with two big wheels
  • check
    Affordable price
  • check
    Sufficient warranty periods.

Cons with the solutions

You may read all the top features and special features above. Like other machines, I have found some limitation of this machine. I have found a few solutions as well. Let’s have a look in below_

1. Only horizontal splitting capacity.

Solution: Yes, it is problem but not major. If the vertical feature was added, it will be better. Sometimes big woods are required higher physical strength to up and down. In that case, vertical features can be helpful. You may notice that maximum electric log splitter has no vertical splitting feature. So you have to accept this point.

2. Suitable for light use only.

Solution: If you are searching for a heavy-duty machine, then this one is not for you. Yes, it has 6-ton splitting force but it is not good enough for a powerful operation. It can be used for residential or family purpose only. You cannot expect commercial performance for sure.

3. Difficult to split dry or hard log.

Solution: This one is suitable for splitting green wood only. If you need to split dry or hardwood, this machine may not give the best performance. To be honest, you may find the splitting job harder. You know 6-ton splitting force is something like that. So before taking the final decision, you have to consider this point carefully.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is it fully portable machine?
A: Yes, quite portable with 2 big wheels.
Q: Can I operate it with one hand?
A: No, you have to involve 2 hands because of safety.
Q: What are the ram travel areas?
A: It is almost 15 inches.
Q: Can I use the machine in the vertical position?
A:No, the only horizontal feature is added.
Q: Can I receive free hydraulic oil with the machine?
A: Yes, hydraulic oil is providing.
Q: How much is the warranty periods?
A: 2 years of official warranty.

Final thought

So Goplus 1500W 6-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter can be a good option for your family or personal use. I think the machine carries good features with affordable price. It can be very efficient and effective for you. This machine is known as a cheap log splitter in the market. As a brand Goplus is not bad. They are providing some unique features at the cheaper price. As the customer rating and feedback are not bad, you can choose it without any hesitation. Personally, I like this smart log splitter but the final decision is yours.

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