Fiskars Iso Core Maul 36 Inch manually operated splitting axe

Fiskars Iso Core Maul 36 Inch manually operated splitting axe is another popular manual splitting tool in the market. It is also known as best wood splitting maul to the customer. The customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 which simply awesome. It has already gained the acceptance and reliability from the customers. It has added some awesome features such as user-friendly friendly design, cheaper price, long-lasting performance and full lifetime warranty etc. Among all the models, this particular one is quite popular to the users. If your required wood quantity is lower, this particular small log splitter can be the ultimate best solution. It is one of the best splitting mauls in the current market.

Basic product description

This particular wood splitting maul is known as manual log splitter. This particular splitting axe is manufactured by Fiskars. The product dimension is 3.2 x 7.8 x 36 inches. The weight is only 10.4 pounds to be exact which is very lite. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor. Smart user-friendly design helps you to operate it. It is only suitable for little purpose. Fully optimized and long-lasting blade can be very effective for your splitting activities.

Iso core shock control system has introduced here that will reduce shock and vibration while splitting. It has also added a smart and slim handle so that you can enjoy the maximum comfort level. Here the insulation sleeve always captures a primary strike before reaching your hand. So you can expect a dependable and comfortable performance here. Moreover, you will receive a full lifetime product warranty.


Main features

As a low-cost log splitter, it is quite popular in the market. It is also familiar as affordable log splitter in the market. As a wood splitting maul, it has some top features like others. Let me mention those in below_

Good looking design

As a researcher, I can tell you that design is a big factor for any machine. If the design is user-friendly, it will be quite helpful for your job. This particular cheap log splitter has a very good user-friendly design. It can be very handy for your job. Moreover, the outlook of this model is simply awesome and smart. 

100% portable

Yes, this one is fully portable, no doubt about it. You may know that the weight is only 10 pounds which is so light. You can carry it anywhere guy. You can hold it like a stick. The weight of this particular manual log splitter is lower than a cricket bat, to be honest.

Extended handle

As a gardening axe, it is very popular with the customer. Because of an extended grip, strategic texturing and slip reduction layer etc. the handle is long enough to perform a splitting job. The wide is also narrow enough that makes sure full comfort in the time of splitting. Moreover, it will be long lasting no doubt about it. The body has already been tested for better reliability in the difficult work environment. 

Powerful blade

The blade used in this model is quite sharp and long-lasting. The blade will offer better penetration and sharpness to the wood. The blade is quite powerful I must say. It can be used to cut both the hard and wet wood easily. The thickness is quite high and well furnished as well. It has a muscular look that will defiantly grab the customer attention. 


This particular splitting axe is user-friendly indeed. Isocore shock control technology has been introduced here which is effective. It will defiantly reduce shock and uneven vibration. It will decrease 2x less shock and vibration than an ordinary axe. So enjoy your smooth splitting experience here. 

Cheaper price

Price is always being considered as a big factor. Who doesn’t want a quality product at a cheaper price? In this case, the product price is quite cheaper related to its features. It will be very handy for the users in case of the price. That is why it is called affordable splitting axe in the market. In the 36 inches segment, this manual log splitter is cheaper, I must say. 

No fuel costs

Big size log splitter like gas or electric required fuel cost. On the other hand, manual log splitter like splitting axe or maul doesn’t need any operating cost. Though this one is slower in case of operation, it will save your money for sure.

Useful for exercise

This particular one is called as hand log splitter. As this one is operated manually, you have to involve some physical strength. In the meantime, you can perform a few physical exercises. It will be definitely helpful for your health. But still, it is a little bit hard to perform.

No servicing cost

There is no engine or motor added here so no need to be tense about servicing cost. There is nothing but a blade and handle so you have nothing to maintenance. I believe servicing cost is almost zero here. Just collect the splitting axe and enjoy.

Lifetime warranty

As a customer, every one desires to have a product that carries life time warranty. In this case, you will receive a full lifetime warranty with the product. This superior warranty time is quite unbelievable. You cannot expect this to others. That is why it is one of the best manual log splitters in the market. 

Special features

This particular gardening axe has some unique features as well. This is also called the pros. Let me mention those in below_

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Cons with the solution

In spite of being all those facilities, it has some limitations as well. Let me mention those shortly in below_

Inapplicable for large production.

Solution: This particular splitting maul is only suitable for the light purpose. You cannot expect a fast performance here. To be honest it will be slow in the process as manual. So purpose must be little use here.

Less suitable for an indolent person.

Solution: This is true that it will be unsuitable for the inactive or indolent users. Here you must provide some physical power for the job. So before choosing this, you must ensure that factor carefully.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Is it very hard to operate?
A: Yes, you have to work hard.
Q: Can I use it for cutting a tree?
A: Yes you can but the chainsaw will be best here.
Q: How much wood size will be suitable for the split?
A: Small and medium-size log can be effective for the job.
Q: What are the blade size and thickest point?
A: It is 41/2 inches and 11.5 cm to be exact.
Q: What about the warranty time?
A: You will get a full lifetime warranty.

Final thought

After all the discussion, you may get an overview about it. Currently Fiskars Iso Core Maul 36 Inch manually operated splitting axe is the best manual log splitter. It is also known as low-cost log splitter. The customer rating and feedback are simply awesome. It can be very effective for the domestic purpose. I don’t think there is any mention-able disadvantage here. So if your budget is lower and the requirement is a light purpose, it can be the best option ever. Personally, I prefer this one because of the unique features, but the final decision is yours.

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