Estwing Special Edition 14-inches smart manual Wood Splitting Maul

Estwing Special Edition 14-inches smart manual Wood Splitting Maul is one of the best manual splitting axes in the market. Estwing is providing the world-famous fireside friend famous splitting axe in the market. This one will be suitable for those who like to carry maul to various outdoor places. This one is small in size and fully portable with lite weight. Because of the special edition, the consumer will get some extra advantages than the previous one.

As a brand, Estwing has already made a positive impression on the customer mind. As a result, the customer rating is higher. It is 4.8 out of 5 which is awesome. Moreover, the customer reviews and feedback is also up to the mark. As a customer, you will get a total package within this product for sure. You will get durable, comfortable, effective and long-lasting features here. It is also known as the best splitting axe or maul in this segment.


Basic product description

Estwing Special Edition 14-inches smart manual Wood Splitting Maul is available in the market with black and special edition colour. The overall product dimension is 14.2*5.8*1.5 inches. The product Length is 14.25 inches. The product weight is only 4.3 pounds. This one is made with solid American steel. Hand sharpened edge and shock reduction grip are added with the product features. The nylon sheath is also included here to protect the hand from the sharpened cutting edge. A tempered cutting edge 2-3/8 inches is included for easy cutting. 

Main features

Estwing Special Edition 14-inches smart manual Wood Splitting Maul has some top features. There is no doubt that it is one of the best splitting mauls in the market. It can be a great deal for your money. Now I will mention some of the top features of this manual splitting axe below_

Beautiful design

Product design always makes a difference. Though product preferences vary from person to person, I believe this one will be loved by maximum customer. You will get a premium feel here. Awesome built quality with a non-reflective matte black finish will grab your attention. Matte black finish on the axe face and neck which is also premium. That is why it is called as best wood splitting maul in the market. I think you will love it at first sight when you will hold it at your hand. 

Easy to use

This particular manual splitting axe is very easy to operate. As the weight is lower and the length is shorter, you will feel the accurate and easy splitting experience. Though it is a manual splitting axe, you don’t need to use two hands or provide extreme physical force here. The handle length and weight will give leverage and enough power for easy log splitting. You can use it with one hand for sure.

Comfortable splitting

I can tell you that you will get 100% comfort while splitting the wood. As the maul is manual, you can’t split wood for a long time without comfort. To ensure comfortable splitting, it is added a genuine leather grip for you. Moreover, shock reduction grip, nylon sheath is also added to ensure effective splitting. It will reduce the vibration up to 70% while splitting.

Safety splitting

There is a proverb that_ “safety is first”. The brand Estwing has been ensured the safety features in the splitting axe. This splitting maul has added a rugged ballistic nylon sheath so that you may feel safe while splitting. So you can expect total protection here.

Highly durable

This manual splitting maul is one of the most durable one in this segment. This one is made from the finest American steel. It is crafted in Rockfort using IL technology. This one will be long-lasting because of made in U.S.A with advanced technology. The product built quality is also up to the mark. So as a customer, you will get long term service from this splitting axe.

Affordable price

Price is always played an important role to make a buying decision. As far as my concern, Estwing is giving you a superior quality product with comparatively lower price. If you compare this product with others in this segment, you may feel the difference. I think it can be the best deal for your money.

Lifetime warranty

Product warranty is also a major factor. As a customer, we check the product warranty before buying a product. In this case, you will get a lifetime warranty under some terms and conditions. You can call it as best wood splitting maul. If you make sure the best use of your splitting axe without any abnormal physical damages, you can claim the warranty for sure. 

Special features

Estwing Special Edition 14-inches smart manual Wood Splitting Maul has some special features. After reading the special features, you may feel that it can be the best manual splitting maul for your uses. Let me mention those below_

  • Beautiful & user-friendly design
  • Fully comfortable and safety splitting
  • Made in from U.S.A
  • 100% durable & portable
  • Superior customer rating(4.8) 
  • Sufficient warranty time.
Estwing_Special_Edition_14_inches_smart_manual_Wood_Splitting_Maul 2

Cons with the solution

No product comes to market as a perfect one. Similarly, Estwing Special Edition 14-inches smart manual Wood Splitting Maul has a limitation. Though it is not a serious one, still I will mention that below_

Splitting maul handle length is too short.

Solution: Yes the product length is a little bit lower. It is only 14 inches long which is not perfect. Of course, it will help you to perform work accurately but it may slow down the work speed. It will be ideal if the maul length will be 3-4 inches more. Whatever, it is not a big problem. If you consider this as a minor one, then it can be a perfect choice for you.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Estwing Special Edition 14-inches smart manual Wood Splitting Maul is a smart choice for the customer. There are plenty of positive sides to select this one. Let me write some important question and answer below_

Question: Is it possible to operate this maul with one hand ?
Answer: Definitely, in fact, it is suitable & effective to work with a single hand.
Question: What is the perfect wood size for splitting?
Answer: It will be suitable to split for 10-14 inches with a single hit. You can split up to 18 inches long wood with a couple of hits.
Question: Is it created vibration while splitting the wood?
Answer: Not at all, shock reduction grip is used for comfortable splitting. It will remove vibration up to 70%. So you feel no vibration, only happy splitting.
Question: From where it is made of?
Answer: It is made in U.S.A with superior technology.
Question: How much durable it is for with heavy uses?
Answer: I believe, it will be 100% durable as made in from the U.S.A. Moreover, you will get a life-time warranty under some terms and conditions.

Final conclusion

After all the discussion, I can tell you that Estwing Special Edition 14-inches smart manual Wood Splitting Maul is one of the best log splitters in the market. It is also known as the best manual splitting axe or maul. As a customer, what we want from a splitting axe? Customers normally search Beautiful design, lite weight, durable, affordable price, superior customer rating, lifetime warranty etc. You can get all those features here. You can find out plenty of reasons to choose this one. The only limitation here is the shorter handle length. If you consider this, it will be the best choice for you. 

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