Earthquake W1200 5-Ton corded-electric Log Splitter

Recently as a brand earthquake has made a strong statement in the log splitter market. It has been providing various types of log splitter in the market. Among them, earthquake W1200 5-ton corded-electric log splitter is one of the best wood splitters in the current market. Beautiful design, awesome features, reliable body and affordable price have already grabbed the customer’s attention. It is also known as smart log splitter. The customer rating is 3.5 out of 5 which is not too bad. As a cheap log splitter, it may be very effective for your residential use. It can be a handy option for the customer for sure.

Basic product description

This particular electric wood splitter can be operated with electricity only. That is why it is called an electric log splitter. Item model number is W1200. The weight is only 99 pounds which is light. 15 amp powerful motor is given that will provide the 5-ton splitting force. Product dimension is 39.9*11.4*17.4 inches which are balanced. No tension of having fuels, just plug it in and do your job. It can be used to cut the wood up to 20 inches long and 10 inches in dimension. It is suitable to cut not only the green wood but also a dry one. The cycle time is 22 seconds which is not bad. It is 100% portable with two added wheels. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Earthquake is giving the highest 5 years residential and 90 days commercial warranty. 

Earthquake W1200 5-Ton corded-electric Log Splitter

Main features

After reading the product description you may feel some interest to know the top features. As a 5-ton small log splitter, it has some top features. Let me discuss those features below in short_ 

Easy to operate

This particular vertical log splitter is very easy to run. No real training is needed to operate. You don’t need to have pre-experiences. It is very simple for a user. Just put the plug into the electric socket and go for it. This machine requires no gas at all. Simply plug in and do the splitting job. 

Quite portable

Portable is a feature which is must for a smart log splitter. This one is perfectly portable I must say. Two wheels are added in the machine that helps to shift from one place to another. Moreover, a smart robber-coated handle is given for easy transportation. Another advantage is low weight. It is only 99 pounds which is very effective for further movement. 


This particular small log splitter is quite versatile. It can be used in not only inside the house but also outside the house. In fact, it is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. The only main requirement is to have 120-volt electricity. 

Powerful operation

Though 5-ton splitting force is not bigger in range, it can be very effective for light use. It can give you smooth splitting experience. It can be good enough for occasional campfire or to celebrate the weekend. Moreover, it is suitable for family purpose use. 


This particular log splitter is familiar as an efficient log splitter. Light weight rolling design makes this one useful. It can be used to cut logs up to 20 inches long and 10 inches wide. Average cycle time is 22 seconds which is not bad. It takes only 10 seconds to split a single wood. It required a maximum 120-volt electricity power to run that is available every house. 

Smart warranty time

I think no need to explain the importance of warranty. Every customer desires better warranty time. Earthquake is providing 5 years of residential warranty and 90 days commercial warranty. This warranty time is quite exceptional from others. So as a consumer, you can enjoy the best warranty advantage here. 

Affordable price

Price is one of the big factors no doubt about it. Normally consumers search best quality product with the cheaper price. If you compare the features it has with others, you can feel some differences. I think this particular product carries a bit cheaper price than others. So it will get this product with reasonable price.

Special features

I have already described some main features of this log splitter. As the features are awesome, you can call it smart log splitter. Besides those top features, it has some special features as well. Let me mention those uncommon features in below_

  • Very easy to operate
  • 100% portable with 2 wheels
  • Versatile splitting capacity
  • 5-ton splitting ability
  • Relatively cheaper price
  • Excellent customer service
  • Superior warranty time (5 years).

Cons with the solution

Almost every product has some limitations. As a researcher, my duty is to identify those limitations with the possible solution. I have already identified few negative sides of this small log splitter. Let’s have a quick look at those points_

Inappropriate for commercial or business purpose.

Solution: 5-ton splitting force is good but not good enough for commercial purpose to be honest. If your desired job is heavier, you should reject this one. You can expect the heavy-duty performance here. It is only suitable for family or light purpose use. So you have to focus this point carefully.

Less suitable for splitting the hard or dry log.

Solution: Sometimes we have to split both hard and green wood. As a user, you may face problem while splitting the dry woods. It is only suitable for green woods. Yes, you can cut those dry woods but won’t get the best performance. So if your targeted log is dry or hard, it may be a less suitable option for sure.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Let’s mention some questions and answers about this cheap log splitter in below_

Q: Is it required any training to run the machine?
A: I don’t think so. It is very simple.
Q: Is it suitable for dry woods?
A: No. it will be suitable for green log only.
Q: Does it require two hands for operation?
A: Yes. You have to involve both hands for this.
Q: What about the maximum log size?
A: It is up to 20 inches long and 10 inches in dimension.
Q: Can I use it for commercial purpose?
A: Not really. It will be inappropriate for this.
Q: How much the warranty time?
A: You will get 5 years residential and 90 days commercial warranty.

Final thought

After reading the full electric log splitter reviews, you may gain some ideas about it. To be honest Earthquake W1200 5-Ton corded-electric Log Splitter is another best electric wood splitter in the current market. Though the average customer rating is not so good, it can be very effective for your family purpose use. It is also called as small log splitter. As the price is cheaper and carries good features, you can choose it for sure. Moreover, this vertical log splitter will provide you the highest 5 years warranty time which is great. So if you are searching for a smart, portable and cheap log splitter that carries best warranty periods, it might be the best option for you. Personally, I like this one for warranty time, the final decision is yours. 

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