Dirty Hand Tools 5-ton electric horizontal Log Splitter reviews

Dirty Hand Tools is committed for bringing the best quality, most durable and affordable machine and accessories to the market. It is one of the most popular electric log Splitters on the market. Excellent design, efficient in operation and relatively cheaper price make this product much more popular with the customer. It is also called as horizontal log splitter. The customer rating is 3.6 out of 5 that is not so bad. As a cheap log splitter, it is popular to the customer. If you are looking for a smart, portable, efficient, and most importantly cheap electric log Splitter then this product can be the ultimate best choice for you.

Product description

Dirty hand tools 5-ton log Splitter is an electric log Splitter. It is capable of creating maximum 5-ton splitting force. The model number is 100481 and weight is only 99 pounds which is fully portable. With the dimension of 37.2 x 11.6 x 18.3 inches, you will feel comfortable while doing the job. It takes only 20 seconds to complete each splitting. It can be used to split both hard and soft logs. You can split the wood up to 20 inches. You can operate it where 120-volt electricity is available. Looking small but very efficient I must say. You can carry it where ever you need because of lightweight. You can cut the log only horizontally here. It is also familiar as cheap log Splitter to the customer.


Top features

Easy to operate

This log Splitter is very easy to operate. It is made as user-friendly so that you feel comfortable while operating it. As it is small in size, you will receive extra advantage while doing the job. I think you will be able to run it without any pre-experiences.


Dirty hand 5-ton electric log Splitter is quite portable. Nowadays everyone wants a log Splitter that is portable, isn’t he? We know the feature portable gives some extra advantages. For example, you may need to take your log Splitter to a servicing point or you have to shift your house to another place etc. In both cases what you need is a portable machine. Moreover, you may need to carry your machine to the different areas to do the job. Sometimes you need to split the log in outside your house or factory. If you have the portable feature, you can easily carry the machine in your desired place easily.


This log Splitter is much more efficient as well. Thought the machine is small you will get smooth performance and better output. You can split a decent amount of wood within a short time. It is high-performance log Splitter that offers great value for your money. It can split wet logs as well as dry logs. Most importantly it consumes less energy to operate. It will save your valuable money. Servicing or maintenance cost is also lower than others.

Electric powered

Dirty hand 5-ton log Splitter is operated with the corded-electric power which is much more energy efficient than the others. It can be used anywhere you want. The only condition is electricity availability minimum 120 volts. As electricity is cheaper than gasoline, it will be more effective for you.

Decent performance

You may think that this log Splitter performance will be lower and insufficient. Not really at all. You will get a decent performance where you can split plenty of wood within a short time. You can split both the dry and wet wood. Cycle time is 20 seconds which is not bad. I think it will be perfect for the family or home purpose.

Awesome design

The design is an important factor for any product. Customer basically judges a product based on at the first look or appearance style. Normally dirty hand tools provide log Splitter with beautiful design. Among them, it is much smarter in terms of design. I don’t know about others but I like the design personally. I think you will also love it.

Convenient accessories 

Sometimes you may face scarcity of your product accessories if those items are not available in the market. But in case of this machine, all types of accessories are available in the market. You can also visit my website. If you need any accessories of dirty hands gas log Splitter, you can simply search on Google. You can find almost everything there.

Sufficient Warranty

warranty is an important issue for any product. If there is a lower warranty with a machine, the customer will avoid that product or give less importance to it. Normally in the time of warranty period, customer remain to relax and tension free. Dirty hand tools provide you 3 years official warranty with the machine. I think that is good enough to choose the brand.

Special Features

Let's have a quick look at some special features in below_

  • Awesome design
  • Very easy to operate
  • Similarly easy to move or carry
  • Electric-corded powered
  • Decent smooth performance
  • Sufficient warranty period.

Cons with the solution

There are some limitations in every product. But obviously, there is a solution as well. So let me mention some of the cons and solution in below_

It can be operated only with electricity !

Solution:  Y​​​es it is true. Without electricity, you cannot run it at all. it will create a huge problem if there is no electricity. So before choosing this one you have to make sure that electricity is available to you.

Less suitable for remote areas !

Solution: If there is electricity problem in remote areas, you will face huge trouble to run it. But there is a solution as well. You can carry a portable generator with the log Splitter to get maximum support.

Customer rating is not up to the mark !

Solution: Yes, I agree that customer rating is slightly lower. But if you look at the warranty period, you will be satisfied and relaxed. I think you will not get 3 years official warrant with other brands in this price range.

Frequently Asked Question (Q&A)

Question: Can I use it for my home purpose?

Answer: Obviously. It is suitable for light use.

Question: Can I split dry log?

Answer: You can split both dry and wet log easily.

Question: Does it provide the machine with multiple colors?

Answer: Currently not available but may be in the future.

Question: Can I use it as vertically?

Answer: No. it can be used only horizontally.


After all the discussion we can say that Dirty Hand Tools 5-ton electric horizontal Log Splitter is one of the smart log Splitters with the customer. It is also known as the small wood Splitter in the market. It is suitable for family or home purpose. If you are looking for a smart and cheap log Splitter for personal use, then you can choose this one. During the time of my research, I come to know that this brand is much more reliable and the after sale service is also good. So it can be the ideal chose for you.

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