Champion 7-Ton Horizontal Gas Log Splitter review

As a brand champion is very popular with the customers. Among all the models, champion 7-ton horizontal gas powered log splitter is quite popular in the current market. This is also known as easy log splitter with the users. This particular gas log splitter is a bit small in size but big in case of power. The customer rating is 4 out of 5 which is not bad. This machine is applicable in residential as well as small commercial purpose. If you are searching for a quick, smart, dependable and portable solution for wood splitting, this unit may be a decent choice.

Basic product description

This particular gas log splitter is operated with gasoline. The item model number is 90720. The weight is almost 144 pounds. The machine dimension is 44.7*19.5*14 inches. 80cc OHV powerful engine is used in this model. So you can expect some smooth and fast performances. Moreover, it is capable of splitting both the dry and wet woods. It can be used to cut the woods up to 19.3 inches in size. Full cycle time is 20 seconds with auto return valve. That means it is capable of doing 180 cycles per hour. Hydraulic oil capacity is 1.3 gallon which is good enough. It is only capable of doing the horizontal splitting. Champion is providing 2 years limited warranty with free lifetime technical support.


Top features

Features are very important for any product. In case of the log splitter, it is much more important. If the features are suitable, normally customers are attracted a lot. As an ideal log splitter, this machine has some amazing features. Let’s have a quick look at those awesome features in below_

Easy to split

This particular log splitter is very easy to operate I must say. No real training is needed for operation. As this machine carries low profile design, it will be easy to load and unload the heavier woods. Moreover, it is lower in case of height so maximum comfort can be ensured while splitting.

Powerful operation

As the machine has used 80cc OHV powerful engine, it will provide you fast and smooth performance. You can expect some heavy-duty operation. No matter, whether the wood is hard or green. The 7-ton splitting force will help you to complete your job within a short time.


I think portability is must for a log splitter. This particular gas powered log splitter is quite portable with never-flat-tires. It has also included a smart convenient handle to move. Moreover, the compact user-friendly design makes it easy to move from one place to another. Machine weight is only 144 pounds which is quite helpful while shifting as well.


This gas wood splitter is made with strong and pure steel. It will provide you long-term services for sure. It can be used in both normal and tough working conditions. So you can expect long-lasting performances.


As a brand champion is quite popular with the users. The customer rating is not bad at all. As far as my research, the champion has been providing decent customer services after sales. So as a customer, you can also rely on upon without any hesitation.


Efficiency is much more important for a log splitter. This particular model is very efficient I must say. It takes only 20 seconds to complete each operation. That means you can complete 180 cycles in a single hour. It can be used to split both the dry and green woods. Skewed wedge is also being included in this model which will help to do the job faster.

Smart warranty

Warrant periods are very important to the customer. I think no need to explain it. Everyone wants better warranty periods in the product. If you select this one, no need to worry about the warranty. Champion is giving 2 years of limited warranty with lifetime technical support. I think these warranty periods are quite good enough for this particular model.

Special features

You may gain some ideas about it after reading the top features. This particular wood splitter has some special features as well. Let’s have a quick look at those points in below_

  • Very easy to operate
  • Price is slightly lower
  • Suitable for family & commercial use
  • Easy to load and unload the heavy wood
  • Fully portable with 2 tires
  • Powerful 80cc engine
  • Sufficient warranty periods.

Cons with the solutions

I think every product has some limitations. Similarly, this particular wood splitter has few limitations. You don’t need to worry about it because there is a solution as well. Let’s mention some limitations with the solution in below_

1. Only horizontal splitting capacity.

Solution: Normally gas powered log splitter have both horizontal and vertical splitting capacity. In this case, it is slightly different. There is no vertical feature is included here. Still, you will face no problem because of low profile design of the machine. You may notice that the height of splitting area is a bit lower. It will help you to load and unload heavy log. I believe you hardly feel the scarcity of vertical feature. So you will feel fully comfortable while splitting.

2. Can be operated with gas only.

Solution: This particular wood splitter is operated with fuels like gasoline or petrol etc. you can’t run it with electricity or something others. If you have a problem with fuels, you may reject this one. Moreover, you have to ensure fuel to run this machine.

3. Operating and servicing cost are bit higher.

Solution: You know this gas powered wood splitter has 80cc powerful engine. It is capable of producing 7-ton splitting force which is very powerful. So it requires higher fuels to operate. This is true that servicing cost is a bit higher than others like the electric log splitter. If you need a powerful machine, you have to consider this point.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Can I use it vertically?
A: No, only horizontal splitting is available.
Q: How much is the cycle time?
A: It is 20 seconds to be exact.
Q: How low profile design is helpful?
A: Low profile design help to load heavy logs and the machine can be stored almost everywhere. It requires lower space to store.
Q: Is the machine portable? 
A: This machine is fully portable with 2 never-flat wheels.
Q: How much the warranty periods?
A: Champion is providing 2 years official warranty with free lifetime technical support.


After all the discussion, I can tell you that champion 7-ton horizontal gas log splitter is one of the best wood splitters in the current market. It is also known as horizontal log splitter in the market. As customer rating and feedback are good, you can trust the product. I think after reading the full product reviews, you may take a final decision. If you are searching for smart log splitter for both family and small commercial purpose, it may be an ideal option for sure.

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