Champion 25-Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter review

Champion 25-ton gas log splitter is one of the most popular splitting machines in the current market. As a brand Champion is getting more popularity day by day. It provides nothing but awesome splitting experiences to you. As champion power equipment has been providing the good services after sales, customer rating is awesome (4.5 out of 5 to be exact). It provides various types of log splitter in the market Such as 7-ton, 20-ton, 22-ton, 25-ton and 37-ton.

Among them 25-ton full beam gas log splitter is more preferable to the customer. Because Champion 25-ton gas log splitter provides few unique features like portable, powerful, reliable, versatile, energy efficient etc that are quite suitable to the customers. It is more suitable for commercial or industrial purpose. It is also known as heavy duty log splitter to the customer. With all the lovely features, you will get 1 year of official warranty.


Product description

I can tell you that Champion 25 ton gas log splitter is a powerful log splitter in the market. Normally it is used for heavy duty activities. Obviously it is operated with fuel power like gasoline, petrol etc. with the 71.3 x 28.3 x 19.1 inches dimensions you will get smooth and stable performance. The weight is almost 400 pounds and model number is 92221. Hydraulic cylinder size is 23 inches into 4 inches which is not bad. 2 stage hydraulic pump is used that has the capacity to produce maximum pressure of 3500 PSI. The log splitter is capable of doing both vertical and horizontal splitting. 196cc OHV Champion powerful Engine is used in this model that makes sure 25-ton splitting force and ensures powerful performance.

Champion has used 0.9-gallon fuel tank and 0.6- quart oil capacity which is good enough. This powerful machine can split log up to 24 inches long and weight can be up to 100 pounds. It takes only 14 seconds cycle time to complete a single operation. It has also included a dependable auto return valve which is very helpful. It is capable of doing 300 cycles per hour which is quite first. Moreover, it provides a handy log catcher with the product as well.

Main Features

As I said earlier champion 25-ton gas log splitter has delivered some unique and effective features with this product. Let me discuss those features in below_

Easy to operate

This gas log splitter is very easy to operate. You don’t need to have pre-experience about it. The product design and operation process are done user friendly so that you may feel comfort while operating. No need to waste physical power to operate the log splitter at all.

Powerful machine

Champion 25-ton wood Splitter has used 196cc OHV powerful engine that is very much capable of splitting all types of wood like hard or soft. You can split dry log as well as wet log effortlessly. It is quite capable of splitting the log fast and smooth. Normally it is applicable in industry or commercial purpose because of the powerful splitting capability. As the engine is powerful, you can cut plenty of logs within a short time. It will also save your valuable time.


Who doesn’t want a versatile log Splitter? Everyone does but the thing is all types of log Splitter are not versatile to use. I think this machine is quite versatile because it is capable of splitting the log horizontally as well as vertically. Sometimes you may need to split in horizontal or vertical way. It depends on with the demand you have. You can turn the position up at your desire way. Just a few seconds and 3 steps you can turn this machine from horizontal to vertical.

High performance

As this machine is very fast in operation process to split the heavy log, it will save your time. Besides, it takes only 14 seconds cycle time to operate a single operation that is fast as well. Moreover, this machine has expanded operator areas and dependable auto return valve. You can split more than 300 cycles per hour that is good enough for you. As a smart log Splitter, it not only offers relief from the back-breaking work of splitting logs, but also reduces your work time so you can move on to other tasks.


Nowadays the customer wants a machine that is portable. Portability is an important feature for any machine especially for heavy machine. Sometimes you may need to split outside your area or unable to do work within your firm. In both cases portable is must for you. Moreover, if you need to shift your firm one place to another, then portable machine is must in that case. In case of this log Splitter, you will face no problem of movement. You will get 2 inches ball hitch, DOT approved tires with the machine.


This log Splitter is much more reliable as well. It has been providing 1 year of limited warranty (parts and labor) with life time technical support. So you will remain tension free at that time. Moreover, as a brand Champion is also reliable to the customer. As the services it provide is nice, customer rating and feedback are also up to the mark. As a researcher, I think you can trust the brand and it’s product without any hesitation.

Sufficient warranty

I think one year warranty is not so long but sufficient for a powerful log Splitter like this. You have to evaluate the brand value and after sales services of the company. I think it is simply good enough to choose.

Accessories Availability

after using the machine for a specific period of time, you may need some spare parts or accessories. All types of accessories of this product are available in the online marketplace. Just simply search on Google and that is enough to find out your desire one. So do not worry about it at all.

Special features

  • Easy to operate, no real training is needed
  • Ensure powerful and heavy performances
  • Quick 14 seconds cycle time
  • Fully portable with 2 wheels
  • Heavy metal body
  • Versatile splitting capability
  • Reliable brand value

Cons with the solution

Although it has huge advantages, it has few limitations as well. But obviously it has the solution for sure. Let us mention those_

This machine is quite heavy in weight !

Solution:  The weight is almost 300 pounds that is quite heavyYou know this log Splitter has given 25-ton splitting force and capable of splitting plenty of woods within no time. So it must have strong body as well. Otherwise you cannot perform your job with full comfort. It may create little problem to shift. to be honest you have to involve few physical strength for transportation. Therefore, you have to consider this point.

It can be operated with gas only !

Solution: This log Splitter is manufactured especially for the gas powered. You may be notice that maximum big size log Splitter is gas powered because fuel like gasoline or petrol is much stronger than electricity. This is the main reason behind it. So if you think that gas is much more affordable and suitable for you, then you may choose this one. It totally depends on you.

Price is little bit higher !

Solution: You know that quality highly depends on price. As champion has provided high quality gas log Splitter so you have to pay bit high as well. There is a proverb_ “high quality product always carry higher price.”

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Is the operation of this machine so difficult?

Answer: : No, it is very easy. You can do it without any pre-experience.

Question: Where is this device made in?

Answer: The product is made in china with supreme technology.

Question:  Is there include a hydraulic oil filter?

Answer:  No. You have to purchase it.

Question: : Does it provide removable pin to change position?

Answer: Yes, It has provided the pin with the machine.

Question: Can I use it for business purpose?

Answer: It is suitable for commercial purpose.

Final thought

After all the discussion, I can ensure you that Champion 25-ton full beam gas log Splitter is one of the popular models in the market. It is known as smart log Splitter as well. This log Splitter is much more suitable for commercial or business use. People who have already use this machine, has given the positive feedback and higher rating so far. And as brand Champion is also reliable, trustful, and dependable. As a heavy-duty log splitter, it is very familiar. So if you are searching for a heavy-duty machine, it can be a perfect choice for you.

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