Boss Industrial 7-ton corded-electric Log Splitter review

This is none other than Boss Industrial 7-ton Electric Log Splitter. You all know about the brand boss industrial. It is one of the most popular brands in the recent market. Customer like it a lot because of the awesome features and good looking design. Moreover, customer rating is also up to the mark (4.6 out of 5). It is also known as smart log splitter in the market. It is suitable for moderate duty operation. If you are looking for a smart log splitter, it can be the best choice.

Basic Product Description

The model number of this log splitter is ES7T20 and actual weight is only 106 pounds. The machine is operated with corded-electric power. 2 hp powerful motor is used in the machine which is capable of providing 7-ton splitting forces. It is very easy to use in fact it can be operated with only one hand. The ram is made with an auto return feature. The machine is designed as good looking because of increasing customer satisfaction. With the dimension of 40 x 13.5 x 20.5 inches, you will get comfortable and reliable service. As the machine is light-weight, it can be carry or shift easily. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor splitting activities. Though the machine is small, it is capable of splitting both green and hard wood. The log splitter is only capable of doing the job horizontally.


Top features of the machine

Boss industrial 7-ton electric log splitter has some glorious features to be honest. I think you will love those features. Let’s discuss the features briefly in below_

Easy to operate

This log splitter is made with the user friendly features. As a log splitter expert, I can tell you that this log splitter is very easy to use. You need no real physical strength to operate the machine. I mean you can operate it without any difficulties. No need to have pre-experience about it. You can simply run it with your one hand. So enjoy the wood splitting activity.

Fully portable

As the weight of the machine is only 106 pounds, you can carry it up to anywhere. Two dynamic tires are giver with it to ensure easy portability. Moreover, two handle is also added with the machine so that you can easily move it one place to another. I think you will feel no difficulties while shifting it. It is suitable for outdoor splitting as well.

Effective splitting

This log splitter is much more efficient then gas powered log splitter. You know electricity is cheaper than gasoline. So there is lower operating cost in this sense. You can cut the wood up to 17 inches without any problem. Moreover, it is capable of splitting the wood fast and smooth. No matter the wood is dry or wet. Finally it will ensure less servicing or maintenance cost than the big size log splitter.

Energy efficient

As an electric log splitter it is very energy efficient. The machine is operated with electric powered only. So you have to ensure that whether the selected log splitter consume less energy or not. I can ensure you that this machine is quite energy efficient. As the machine is used 2 hp motor that will ensure you less electricity consumption while operating. Moreover, patented hydraulic system will also help the machine to save more energy.

Quite reliable

The log splitter is much more reliable and trustful. As a brand boss industrial is also quite renown to the customer. If you watch the customer rating and feedback, you will understand why it is so popular. One of my close relative has already used it and got maximum satisfaction. So as a log splitter expert, I can tell you that you can also rely on with this machine.

Sufficient warranty

As I said always that warranty is an important issue for a machine. You should consider the warranty period very carefully. This log splitter will give you 2 years of residential warranty which is sufficient. Without proper warranty you should not take a purchasing decision. I think the warrant period is sufficient in this range.

Special features of this machine

Boss Industrial 7-ton Electric Log Splitter has some special features to be honest. let's mention those in below_

  • check
    Very easy to operate
  • check
    Fully portable and reliable
  • check
    Consume less energy to run
  • check
    Awesome customer rating (4.6)
  • check
    Smart splitting performance
  • check
    Sufficient warranty

Cons with the solution

Though the machine carries some ideal features, it has some limitations as well. You don’t need to worry about it because the limitation can be solved. Let’s find out some problem in below with solution_

Problem: Operated with electricity only.

Solution: As I said earlier, moderate size log splitter normally remain as electric powered based. In this case, it is also operated with electric power. Corded-electric log splitter is not bad. You may think does the machine capable of splitting the wood fast and smooth? The answer is yes. You should not worry about it at all. If you have electricity problem, you should reject this electric log splitter. Otherwise it can be the ideal choice.

Problem: less suitable for remote areas.

Solution: The term is true but this problem can be solved. If you have a portable inverter generator, the problem will be finished. You can collect a portable generator for your electric log splitter. If you will ensure it, you will face no problem what so ever.

Problem: Only horizontal splitting is available.

Solution: Normally all the small log splitter has only horizontal splitting capability. It is suitable for horizontal position as well. As the machine is small in size, vertical splitting feature will be unlikely with it. So you have to consider this point to be honest.

Problem: less suitable for industrial use.

Solution: As I said earlier, this log splitter is suitable for residential use only. So if you need a heavy duty log splitter, you should reject this one. I think electric log splitter is less suitable for commercial purpose.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question : As an old person, can I operate it?

Answer :  Why not? You don’t need to implement high physical strength here at all. I think you can easily operate it.

Question : Can I apply it for industrial purpose?

Answer : No. it is applicable in residential purpose only.

Question : What is the maximum wood size to split?

Answer : It is capable of splitting the wood up to 17 inches.

Question : Can I use it vertically?

Answer : It is not for vertical use.

Question : How much the warranty periods?

Answer : It has been providing 2 years of residential warranty.


After discussing all the terms, I can tell you that boss industrial 7-ton electric log splitter is one of the best log splitter in the current market. You may ask me why? Because of the decent features, brand values and warranty period. You can have a look at the customer rating and feedback. I think it is quite awesome. So if you need a smart log splitter for residential purpose, it can be the ultimate best choice.

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