Top 4 best gas powered commercial heavy duty log splitter

Nowadays commercial log splitter has become more popular for the customer. This types of heavy-duty log splitter are used for business purpose. Here I will provide a proper guideline on how to choose the best gas powered commercial heavy-duty log splitter from the market. Yes, there are plenty of log splitters in the current market but all the models are not suitable for you. Normally gas powered log splitters are quite powerful and capable of performing the heavy-duty operation. The machine size remains big and heavy in weight. This type of log splitter is used in business purpose. These heavy-duty machines are required fuel like gasoline, petrol etc to operate. The price is also higher in those models.

As a log splitter researcher, I will help to choose the best industrial log splitter for your business. Here I am presenting the 4 best commercial log splitter model for you. I will describe all the advantages and disadvantages of those model. I will also suggest you which one will be the best log splitter for your commercial purpose.

Frictionless World Dirty Hand Tools 22-Ton Full-Beam versatile gas powered log splitter

Now I am introducing a powerful gas log splitter to you. Frictionless world dirty hand tools 22-ton full beam versatile log splitter are one of the best heavy-duty log splitters in the current market. Beautiful design, long-lasting body, powerful engine, versatile and unique features are added in this model.

Manufacturer of this particular model is the Frictionless world. The customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 which is awesome. Customers call it as top-rated log splitter. Versatile splitting capacity is added to this powerful machine. It is fully suitable for heavy-duty or commercial purpose. That is why it is also known as a commercial wood splitter in the market. The price is also lower comparing the features. So enjoy full beam splitting feature with this machine.

About the machine

22-ton splitting force is given in this model. Product weight is 473 pounds which is lighter. Product dimension is 86 x 39 x 46 inches which is simply perfect. Now let’s come to the engine performance. 196cc DHT loncin powerful engine is used in this machine which can produce 22-ton splitting force. It can be used to cut both the dry and wet log effortlessly. Cycle time is only 10.9 seconds that is quite fast. Moreover, 2 stage 13 GPM pump is added to this model. 7" high heat treated steel wedge is used here. You can split wood up to 25 inches easily. 16 inches two DOT approved wheels are added to this model. With all those great features, you will receive 3 years manufacturer warranty.

Good sides

As a best gas powered commercial heavy-duty log splitter  it has some good sides. let me introduce those in below_

  • 196cc DHT powerful engine
  • Fast 10.9 seconds cycle time
  • Versatile splitting ability
  • High heat treated steel wedge (7 inches)
  • 16 inches reliable DOT approved tires
  • Affordable price comparing features
  • 3 years smart warranty time
  • Superior customer rating (4.7 out of 5).

Bad sides

Though it is a industrial log splitter with affordable price, it has few limitations. 

  • Less suitable for the light purpose
  • No optional Accessories included.


As a heavy-duty log splitter, it can be an ideal solution for the consumers. The features are simply awesome comparing the price. And yes the price is quite decent as well. In spite of being a powerful machine, the weight is lower which is good. You can use it anywhere like indoor or outdoor. The customer rating is also up to the mark 4.7 out of 5 to be exact. The performance will be 9.5 on 10 as far as my concern. You will get smooth performance for sure. And another important thing is the warranty. You will receive 3 years superior warranty time. So if you desire better customer rating, powerful performance, lower weight and affordable price, this one can the best option for your commercial purpose.

Champion 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

Are you looking for a heavy-duty log splitter for business purpose? It can be the best solution for you. I am talking about champion 25-ton full beam gas log splitter. As a brand champion is highly popular to the customers. As a brand champion is providing various log splitter model in the market. Among them, this particular heavy-duty log splitter is the best. This is also known as industrial log splitter in the market. The customer rating is 3.8 out of 5 which is not bad. The product price is lower comparing the versatile features.


About the machine

This particular one is known as gas powered log splitter. The product is made by champion power equipment. The product dimension is 71.3 x 28.3 x 19.1 inches and weight is 430 pounds. 224 cc OHV air-cooled single cylinder is used in this model. You will get 25-ton splitting power from the engine. You can cut both the hard and green log effortlessly. Cycle time is only 12 seconds which is quick enough. As a user, you can complete 300 cycles within an hour. 0.9-gallon fuel tank capacity is added here. The hydraulic oil system has almost 5-gallon oil capacity. 16 inches (two) DOT approved wheels are added with the machine. It has both horizontal and vertical splitting capability. With all those great features, you will receive full 2 years official warranty and lifetime technical support from the dedicated expert.

Good sides

As a best gas powered commercial heavy-duty log splitter, it is quite popular to the customers. In fact it has some unique good sides. let me mention those in below_

  • 224 cc air-cooled powerful OHV engine
  • Versatile splitting capability
  • Only 12 seconds cycle time
  • Quite portable with 16 inches DOT approved wheels
  • Durable and reliable steel body
  • Rugged FULL-LENGTH beam design
  • Affordable price
  • Free log catcher included
  • 2 years sufficient warranty and lifetime technical support.

Bad sides

In spite of being a heavy duty log splitter, it has some limitations. Let me highlight those_ 

  • Higher maintenance cost
  • Ordinary customer rating.


Yes as a commercial log splitter, I like this one. Though the customer rating is not so good, it can be very handy for your business purpose. In fact, one of my close friends has already collected this one. After using more than 6 months, he told me that it was a powerful and reliable machine he has ever seen. He was almost fully satisfied with it. He also added that customer rating should be increased here. Another necessary part is the price which is lower as well. Warranty periods are also up to the mark. So as a customer, if your desire criteria are the better brand image, powerful performance, affordable price, sufficient warranty and lower weight than you can choose this one also. I believe you will not be frustrated at all.

RuggedMade 22-Ton Push Through Hydraulic Gas Log Splitter

Who doesn't desire a smooth operation, industrial and top rated log splitter? Here i am introducing RuggedMade 22-ton push through hydraulic gas log splitter to you. It is another unique, powerful, decent log splitter in the market. The manufacturer is RuggedMade. Though it is a little bit new but very effective for the consumer. It has already made a positive impression on the customer. Beautiful design, reliable metal body, awesome features, affordable price make this handy with the users. The customer rating is 5 out 5 so far which is attractive. It is also known as industrial log splitter. You can also call it as top-rated log splitter. Though this one is slightly new in the market, it can be very handy and effective for you.

About the machine

As a manufacturer, RuggedMade is providing various high-quality power products in the market. Among them, this particular one is very popular. It can be run with gasoline power only. The product weight is only 750 pounds. 6.5HP Honda 187cc GC190 OHV 4 stroke gasoline Engine is used here which can deliver 22-ton splitting force. It takes only 10 seconds to complete a single operation. There is an auto return valve and 2-stage 13GPM hydraulic are included here. The 4-way adjustable wood splitting blade is added to this model. Hydraulically Powered Log Lift Is included that is Capable Of Lifting Up To 300 Pounds. You can cut the wood more than 24 inches long and 18 inches wide. Moreover, two 10 inches reliable wheels are given with the machine for easy transportation. Smart log catcher tray and log lift attachment kit are included 100% free. It can be used to split both hard and green wood. The manufacturer is providing a 1-year official warranty.

Good sides

As a best gas powered commercial heavy-duty log splitter, it is also familiar to the customers. In fact it has some attracting features. let me mention those in below_

  • 187cc 6.5hp, OHV, 4-Stroke Honda powerful Recoil engine (pull start)
  • User-friendly, easy splitting capacity
  • 4-way wood splitting blade
  • Hydraulic powered log lift
  • Only 10 seconds cycle time
  • Heavy-duty 13GPM 2-stage hydraulic pump
  • Affordable price with unique features
  • Log catcher Tray, Log Lift, Attachment Kit Included
  • Superior customer rating (5 out of 5).

Bad sides

Let me mention few poor sides here_

  • No versatile splitting features
  • Weight is bit higher
  • Lower warranty time.


Yes, RuggedMade is a newcomer in the market but very promising indeed. It has already grabbed the customer attention. It has added some unique and exceptional features in the machine. You will get some free helping tools like log catcher tray, powerful log lift without cost. It will definitely make your job faster. Let me clear one thing that is log lift can carry a big log up to 300 pounds weight. So two normal adult person can be easily lifted. Other features are slightly similar like others. The weight is also higher. But I am disappointed with warranty periods. It can be better I feel. In fact, no versatile splitting feature is added here like horizontal and vertical. The customer rating is simply awesome. So as a customer if your desire features are superior customer rating, user-friendly design, effortless splitting etc it can be the best ultimate solution for you. 

NorthStar 37-Ton, 270cc hydraulic powered gas log Splitter

Northstar deluxe 37-ton gas powered versatile log splitter is another popular log splitter in the market. Awesome features, user-friendly design, heavy-duty performance and affordable price make this one quite acceptable to the consumer. This is also known as commercial log splitter in the market. Northstar is providing this model to the consumer with durable, reliable and innovative features. The customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 which is good. This particular one is suitable for the industrial or commercial purpose.

About the machine

This particular gas powered log splitter has given 37-ton splitting force. This one can be run with hydraulic powered only. The product dimension is 90*43*42 to be exact. The weight is 625 pounds which is heavier. Popular Honda GX270cc powerful engine is used in this model. The engine will produce 14.1 at 2500 RPM. Maximum fuel capacity is 1.4 gallon. An exclusive idle down feature is added that saves fuel and reduce noise between load and unload time. The engine will increase productivity through an intelligent hydraulic pump that adjusts flow and pressure while running. It also included 4-way wedge wings that split the wood into quarter size. It will fast the operation process. It has an automatic cylinder return capacity as well. The cycle time is only 14 seconds that is quick enough. Maximum log size is 25 inches long and 16 inches in wide. It can be used to cut both the dry and green log. It has a versatile splitting capacity that is both horizontal and versatile features. 

Good sides

As a best gas powered commercial heavy-duty log splitter, it is also quite popular in the market. In fact it has some attracting features. let me mention those in below_

  • Honda commercial GX270 series powerful engine that has 
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeve, low oil shutdown system and steel fuel tank
  • Intelligent concentric hydraulic pump (made in America)
  • Fully portable with 2 high-speed tires
  • Suitable for business or commercial purpose
  • Auto return valve and shorter cycle time (14 seconds)
  • Superior customer rating (4.6 out of 5)
  • A versatile splitting ability like horizontal and vertical
  • 1-year commercial and 3 years Honda GX engine warranty.

Bad sides

It is called as top rated log splitter but it has few limitations. Let's have a look_

  • The weight is higher
  • Less suitable for the family purpose
  • Price is slightly upper.


As a brand, NorthStar is also popular with the users. Here what I like most is Honda 270cc powerful engine that comes from GX270 series. So as a consumer, you can expect some powerful and smooth performance. We all know about Honda engine how powerful it is. Operating and servicing cost will be lower here. So you can get maximum output to give minimum input. Other things are quite similar to other heavy-duty log splitters. I am happy with the warranty duration. Moreover, the customer rating is up to the mark. So the customer who prefer honda powerful engine, better customer rating, versatile splitting, affordable price and sufficient warranty time then this particular commercial log splitter can be the best choice.

Final evaluation

After all the discussion I can tell you that you have already gathered plenty of information here. It will definitely help you to choose the best commercial gas powered log splitter in the market. All the 4 model is quite effective for the heavy users. Those log splitter also carry higher customer rating that means more reliable. I haven’t found any serious bad side or limitation here. All the models are slightly similar in case of power and long-lasting. So if you choose anyone from those, you will not be a loser for sure. but what i want to mention here is safety feature. As an user, you need to know the log splitter safety knowledge. Basically, these models are made for heavy-duty operation. That is why those are called as commercial log splitter in the market. One more important thing is the warranty time. I think as a customer, you must give maximum importance to better warranty and after-sales services. So select one from above and enjoy powerful, smooth and reliable splitting experience.

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