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Hi,This is Piter Smith. Welcome to my site forestcutter.comI am a log splitter expert. I have spent more than 5 years with various types of wood splitter machine. I am doing few researchers with those machines as well. as a log splitter researcher. moreover, I am a professional writer at the same time. I want to tell you that I can give you the most effective and updated information about log splitter. on my website, I have tried to discuss various types of wood splitter like gas, electric, hydraulic and manual powered machine. as a reader, you will get some unique and useful information from here. I believe it will be very helpful for you. if you have any query or want to have new product reviews please contact me. here is my mail forestcutter7@gmail.comI hope you will come back often to check out our site. I believe my article will fulfill your desire demand. you will not become frustrated. Thanks,Piter Smith