5 best log holders for cutting firewood with cant & peavey hook

Here I will mention the best 5 log holder machines that can be the ultimate solution for you. You know there are plenty of models available in the market. But the entire models are not suitable for a user. A log holder must have some good quality features. As a log holder expert, I have given maximum importance on features, price, durability, customer rating and warranty time. I have chosen these 5 models from the various options that are available in the market. You can choose the desired one from the below. But I will still give important specifications here and side by side comparison so that you can choose easily. The following machine can be the smart log holder solution for you.

WOODCHUCK Tools TimberPro Timberjack smart log holder

Here I am introducing a smart woodchuck timber jack log holder to you. This particular log holder has a full Aluminum body. The weight is only 12 pounds which is lighter. And the machine has 47 inches height. The product dimension is 47.9 x 8 x 3.4 inches which are taller. The customer rating is 5 out of 5 which is simply awesome. This smart log jack is made in the USA. So you can expect better durability for sure. And of course, as a consumer, you will get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


Main features

Easy operation

This particular log holder is not difficult to operate at all. No real pre-experience or training is needed to use this one. You can easily use it with your little strength. You can lift a heavy weighted wood using this machine with almost no power. It will make your work easier and faster.


This particular log pusher is quite durable as well. The full body is made with 6061-T6 aluminium and high strength powder coated steel. It is also familiar as durable manual machine. Moreover, this one is manufactured in the USA. So I can tell you that this timber jack smart log holder will be more durable and long lasting. So don’t panic about the durability.


This one can be very effective for the users. As a consumer, you can Lifts logs from 5 to 20 inches and rolls logs from 12 to 20 inches. You can hang the log at any dimension less than 20 inches long. So it can be the best log holder for cutting.

Reduce hard work

I agree that log splitting is a hard job. It is tougher to shift a heavy tree from one place to another. As the tree is bulky and remain less comfortable while catching or moving it, it can be very hard. In this case, the log holder can be the ultimate solution. So this particular woodchuck timber pro will definitely minimize your hard work.

Increase productivity

Every user wants to split plenty of logs within a short time. Without a log holder, it may be impossible sometimes. If you want to cut the wood using a chainsaw, then log lifter or pusher is a must. Log lifter pushes the log up from the ground. As a result, a log can be cut easily. Here this log holder can be an ideal solution for cutting.

Fully portable

This particular log lifter tool has only 12 pounds of weight. So you can carry easily anywhere you want. The machine weight is almost less than a cricket bat. Because of lite weight, you can complete the job with more comfort.

Affordable price

Product price is a big factor I agree. But I am quite surprised to monitor the features with the price. I think it is a little bit cheaper from its competitors. So if you are a price-sensitive person, it can be a good option for you.

Awesome customer rating

The customer rating is also a vital factor here. If the customer rating is 4.5 out 5, we may consider that as good. But in this case, the customer rating is 5 out of 5 that means too good. As all the users became satisfied, you may expect the same.

Lifetime warranty

Warranty is a big factor to the users. In the case of a log holder, it is more important because of a technical item. If you choose this one, you may not worry about warranty in future. The brand Woodchuck is providing a lifetime warranty with this machine. So be tension free with this one. 

LogOX  smart Log Holder, lifter with Cant Hook

Here I am introducing another smart log holder from LogOX. This one is quite good looking in case of design. It has a very lite weight (6 pounds) and quite handy in case of day to day operation. The customer rating is 4.6 out of 5 which is not bad. After all, this one is an effective and affordable log holder for cutting in the market.


Main features

Simple operation

LogOX is providing a very simple operating system in the log lifter device. This one is made as fully user-friendly design so that users enjoy better work experience. Moreover, you don’t need to have pre-operating experience at all. It is as easy as playing with a toy.

Quite durable

This particular smart log holder is very durable and long lasting. This one is made in the USA from rugged hollow frame American steel. So as a customer, you can expect long-lasting performance for sure.

Quite portable

This particular small log holder is fully portable. The weight is only 6 pounds that is litre in this segment. You can easily carry it anywhere you need.

Maximize productivity

This particular handy log holder will defiantly increase your productivity. You can lift bulky types of a tree without much physical effort. It will increase your work efficiency. You can handle the wood up to 26 inches.

Reduce hard work

Lifting a large tree is always difficult for a person. But if this handy log holder is used, the work will be easier for sure. You can lift the long tree with little physical power. It will also reduce your back pain.

Better customer rating

The customer rating is another vital element for any machine. In the case of this one, you will get better customer rating that is 4.6 out of 5. As customer rating is good, it can be very effective for your daily use. As a result, It can be the best log holder for you.

Lifetime warranty

Who doesn’t expect a better warranty period with a machine? In the case of this small log holder, you will get lifetime warranty support without extra money. So enjoy the better experience with this log lifter.

LogOX 3-in-1 Timberjack Log Jack, Holder & Cant Hook Forestry Tool

Now the time is to share amazing log multitools from LogOX. It is also called the 3-in-1 smart log holder solution. This small forestry tool is very popular to the customers. Basically, this particular tool will provide you with a complete log lifting solution. The customer rating is also good here. That is 4.5 Out of 5 to be exact. It is also known as The Back-Saving Log Holder, Cant Hook, and Timberjack. You will get 3 multitools here_


1. LogOX log holder

This particular smart log holder is 21 inches long. It can be used to lift the tree quickly and move the log anywhere. You can handle bulky size trees with lower hand power with it. As a user, you don’t need to bend over the tree while split pieces. As a result, you can save your body from back pain. The weight is also really lite so you can carry it easily. So enjoy a better log lifting experience here.

2. Cant hook

It is none other than a cant handle that can extend your holder for extra leverage. You can use it when it is needed. We know that the longer handle required less hand power to move any object. It can be enlarged up to 38 inches which are good. The user-friendly design will help you to grip and lift the logs more than 30 inches in dimension. So make yourself relax and enjoy your job.

3. Timberjack

This particular Timberjack is used to lift a smaller log that is less than 12 inches off the ground. It will help you cut the wood without any chain damage like bar pinch, ground strikes and risky kickback. Here a T-bar that attaches clevis pins simply without additional tools. So as a user, you can remain risk-free using this tool.

Main features

Few top features of this 3-in-1 forestry multi-tool are given below_

  • User-friendly design with gorgeous color
  • No extreme physical power is needed to run
  • Affordable price with superior quality
  • Lifetime warranty with USA made 
  • The 3-in-1 solution is a package
  • Better customer rating (4.5 out of 5).

Woodchuck WCT04 Dual log holder with bothPeavey and Cant Hook

Here I am mentioning another smart log holder machine from Woodchuck. This particular log holder is only 9.5 pounds. Small and handy build with good looking design make this one desirable to the customer. The product dimension is 10*2*48 which is user-friendly as well. This small log lifter is made with aluminium. That is why it is lite and strong.


Main features

The top features of this smart log holder with Peavey and the cant hook is given below_

All in one

This particular Woodchuck log lifter has a Peavey point and cant hook for better performance. The Peavey point is flexible that helps to re-positioning log ends. That means you don’t need to have any external tools. We can say that it is a tool that has capabilities to perform all in one solution.

Extended handle

This particular log lifter has 47 inches handle which is good. It is constructed with 6061-T6 aluminium. So as a user, you can expect better performance and long lasting service for sure.

Made in the USA

We all know that the USA made product is better than other countries like China. Here you will get the USA made product which is good. So you can expect a better product life cycle for sure.

Lifetime warranty

As the warranty is a big factor, you must notify the warranty time. Here you will get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. So be relax about warranty and enjoy better job experience.

Woodchuck Tools Dual log holder Jack and Hookeroon COMBO

The time is to present another unique and popular log holder from Woodchuck. It is also known as combo dual tools in the market. The product dimension is 47 x 14 x 12 inches and weight is only 13 pounds. This particular log holder is different in case of both design and features. As it comes with two different bars like hookaroon and timberjack, you don’t need to purchase from outsides. The customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 which is outstanding. As it is a bundle pack, you can save little money. So it can be a good option for the users.


Main features

Good looking design

The design Woodchuck is providing is quite amazing. The design is simply awesome and user-friendly. Personally, I love this particular design. If you compare this one with others in this segment, you may feel the difference. I hope as a user, you will also love this.

Effective COMBO

This particular smart log holder comes with a COMBO offer. Here you will get a duel Woodchuck, Jack and Hookaroon. That means you can enjoy 3 in 1 solution. It will be really effective for your day to day uses. 

Long lasting

This particular log holder combo solution will be quite reliable as well. The machine is made in the USA. So you can expect better feedback and long lasting service. It can be the best log holder in case of durability. So enjoy better performance with the machine.

Superior warranty

In case of warranty periods, lifetime warranty time has become common nowadays. But the thing is whether the after sales service is satisfactory or not? As far as I know the after sales response and service is up to the mark. Moreover, customer rating and reviews are also good. So you can really trust the brand.

Final evaluation

Are you looking for a smart, small and best log holder for cutting, and then those 5 models can be the best choice for you. However, those 5 machines are popularly called as best smart log holders in the current market. Here I haven’t found any dangerous or mention-able limitations about above 5 smart log holders. That is why I didn’t mention any cons here. I believe if you choose anyone from the above, it will be an ideal choice for you. Though the price is not the same, there are almost similar product features there. But still, the choice is a personal matter. The final decision is up to you. I hope my analysis will help you to choose the best log jack considering all factors. 

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